Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer – Superfast Detection

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease and it affects women of different age groups. In recent years, there is more discussions about the seriousness of this illness, which is considered to be in progress.

For long time many concerned women are not afraid to speak publicly about their problem, seeking a solution from the experts.

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer Superfast Detection

To prevent complications, the disease must be recognized at an early stage.

Measures are being taken for deliverance, but before being appointed an appropriate treatment, patients have to cope well with recognition of the symptoms.

Signs of Breast Cancer Which Must be Addressed

Chest pain in a large percentage of cases is associated with cancer, but realistically 90% of it is not dangerous and is considered benign.

They are not life-threatening. Early signs of breast cancer: nipple changes its shape, chest pain that does not subside after menstruation.

A lump appears that doesn’t disappear after the period. There is a secretion which can be clear or colored (brown, red or yellow). Patients complain about redness, which is unexplainable.

Swelling begins to form, the skin becomes inflamed and itching or rash on the skin of the affected breast starts to appear. Lump or swelling around the armpit may appear as well.

Reasons for Formation of Benign Breast Lumps

One major reason is an infection of the breast. The rest are related to cysts, a benign tumor or destruction of the adipose tissue.

Although most breast lumps are accompanied by severe pain, the most common symptom of breast cancer are painless lumps.

Therefore, it is appropriate to do regular medical checkups every month or every quarter.

However, breast cancer is a treatable disease, but it is important to recognize at an early stage. Then treatment is most effective.

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