How to Easily Rejuvenate your Hands

The hands are constantly exposed to the sun, wind, cold and heat, and their skin is very sensitive to weather conditions. Sometimes they are aging faster than the face!

At the age of 40 the hands begin to change. First age “spots” start to appear and the skin gradually loses its density. From this point onwards the hand care must be redoubled to preserve youth and freshness. When the ordinary everyday tools are not sufficient to help, the methods of the aesthetic medicine comes to help.

How to Easily Rejuvenate your Hands

How to remove the spots?

Called “lentigines”, these unpleasant brown spots are not invincible.
The laser is the most common means of destroying the pigmented areas. It is not recommended for skin with strong suntan because there is a high risk of burns.

Cryotherapy destroys the spots with cold. Liquid nitrogen is placed on the brown patches of the skin. Do not trust therapists, and seek the help of a dermatologist, since you have to be careful with the duration of this procedure. Otherwise, it may affect the tissues beneath the spots and scarring can occur. Peeling with Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) should be done few times until complete whitening of the pigmented areas.

How to smooth the skin?

Peeling with CO2 Laser – it stimulates regeneration processes in the skin cells. After three sessions the skin is visibly younger.

Mesolifting – this technique consists of local stimulation of the fiber areas by vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid. It takes 3 to 5 treatments over three weeks.

How to hide the veins and protruding joints in the fingers?
Over the years, the volume of the skin decreases, it thins and it’s easy to see the veins and the joints start to bulge out. Aesthetic medicine offers a solution to this problem by injecting filler products that return the skin its elasticity and tone. The most commonly used is hyaluronic acid, and the effect of the procedure lasts for 18 months.

15 Minutes for the Hands

2 minutes for cleanness – with a small brush and mild soap, wash the hands and nails to stimulate microcirculation. It also removes dead cells. More important is to wash them thoroughly than very often.

3 minutes for massage – the moisturizing product that is used after each wash, penetrates best if applied with massage movements. Select rich cream if your hands are very dry, and a product with a light texture if your skin is normal. If you can’t put cram too often, do it at least once a day, for example every evening while watching TV.

5 minutes for nourishment – the nails and skin also need nutrients. Use aromatic oils – the choice is big and the effect they have on your hands is guaranteed. After applying the product, put on soft cotton gloves that will facilitate the penetration into the epidermis.

5 minutes for shiny nails – don’t leave them defenseless and “naked”. There are effective means of polish, which smoothes the surface and gives a beautiful glow. Choose a product that is best suited for your nails – if they are soft, they need a hardener, if they are rough or they have cracks, they need a polishing product that also nourishes the nails.


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