Dr. Sandomirsky: This point on the ear instantly relieves stress and nervous tension

Nervous tension and stress can relieve instantly if you follow the advice of Dr. Mark Sandomirski

Mark Sandomirsky is a psychiatrist who recommends a simple technique to relieve stress. This technique was invented by him, but he managed to make it popular after participating in a television show on one Russian TV station. With just one movement and only a few minutes you can get rid of the nervous tension and the accumulated fatigue.

Dr. Sandomirsky This point on the ear instantly relieves stress and nervous tension
There are various causes and consequences of stress, and these consequences can be felt in many different ways. During stress, the body can have pains in various places. Also, during stress the appetite becomes very big and a stressful person craves mostly junk food. Therefore this means only one thing – stress has a power to can kill you. Nervous tension is one of the most common causes of many serious diseases today.

Chinese acupressure and Chinese massage can do wonders for your health. This method is an easy way to deal with stress just by massaging a certain point on the ear.

What to do when we are stressed?


First, you need to remove all negative feelings. Try to clear your mind and to balance a little the emotions. Our body has natural anti-stress points that allow you to remove physical reactions by psycho-reflexology.

One such place or point, known to the Chinese folk medicine, is the Shen Men. The exact translation of Shenmen is “Heavenly Gate.” According to Chinese healers, stimulating this point, our whole body gets clean “energy from heaven.” Shen Men is very easy point to manipulate and helps to strengthen our overall health, helps to reduce stress and improves the energy level.

While massaging this point, inflammation and tension in your body literally disappear. There is a feeling of complete relief of pain in any part of the body.

This point, known as Shen Men or Heavenly Gate is located in the upper, third part of the ear.

Another point that must be handled with the point known as Heavenly Gate, is the so-called Zero Point. This point literally resets all settings on the body that he has to date, and return it in the condition in which it was shortly before we were born. You can imagine how well this massage will affect our bodies. If you are alone, ask someone close to “open the gates of heaven” to you using this holistic method to improve your health.

Here’s the advice of Dr. Mark Sandomirsky:

  • Press this point (Shen Men) and gently massage it with a cotton swab. It is important to breathe deeply and listen to your body carefully.
  • Look left while inhaling, and then look to the right while exhaling. Soon you will feel how your body relaxes.
  • Massage this point with your fingers. The little finger is very convenient for this purpose. Do this successful technique whenever you feel stressed. Moreover, you can return your body to “factory settings” every night before bedtime by doing 2-3 minute massage on the “zero point”.

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