Cut an Onion into 4 Pieces and Place it in your Home. The Reason? Brilliant

Properties of the onion can help you prevent but also treat several ailments. Discover some amazing health benefits of onion for your body.

The onion is a popular food in Ayurveda diet. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is a tonic, but also a diuretic which helps stimulate the digestive system and promotes its proper operation. It is also rich in manganese, vitamin B6 and C, which help strengthen the immune system and which participate in various metabolic processes such as metabolism of proteins or fats.

Cut an Onion into 4 Pieces and Place it in your Home

Its high antioxidant content is also very beneficial because they prevent healthy cells in the body from damage caused by free radicals. It is the fact that free radicals may promote heart disease and even some cancers. The main antioxidant components of onions are anthocyanins and flavonols. The former are responsible for the red color of the food, while the second gives it its yellow color.

Why is it useful to put sliced onion in your house?

You probably did not know, but onion has the capacity to absorb germs and bacteria responsible for diseases. There is a story that says that in 1919 when the flu had caused several deaths, a doctor tried to find a remedy against this disease.

He arrived in a farmer’s home and found that the virus had no effect on him, or the people of his region. When asked what the secret behind this miracle farmer immunization is, his wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in every room of the house. To ensure this story, the doctor took excerpts from the famous onions to observe under the microscope, he discovered that the influenza virus was in the onion.

Indeed, it has absorbed all the virus and different bacteria that were in the house. Therefore, to prevent disease, do not hesitate to cut an onion into slices and disperse it in different corners of your home. You can also put in your fridge; this will help prevent odors or accumulation of bacteria.

Discover the benefits of the onion

Onion against flu

Onion has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that cleanse the airways and help reduce mucus and that way treat flu and cough. This food also contains sulphurous substances that would prevent the allergic reaction, as in the case in asthma. Here’s an old grandmother trick that will help you treat the flu. Soak two sliced ​​onions in ½ liter of water for two or three hours. Then, filter the content. You can also cut the onion into slices and keep it on your nightstand while you sleep. As previously mentioned this food has the ability to absorb the bacteria found in the air and prevents them from entering your body.

For cough, cut 100g onion into thin slices and boil them in 20 ounces of water for several minutes. Filter and add two tablespoons of honey. Put the mixture again on the heat until you get thick syrup. Take two to six teaspoons a day.

Onion against cancer

A study in the Netherlands has shown that daily consumption of onions helps to reduce the risk of stomach cancer. According to scientists, the onion contains organo-sulfur compounds that are released when you cut the food. These molecules inhibit the multiplication but also the formation of cancer cells, onion thus has the ability to prevent but also to treat certain types of cancer. In addition, epidemiological studies have shown that the Chinese are major consumers of garlic, onions and foods of the same family and that is the reason why they have 40% lower risk of stomach cancer than the rest of the world population.

Onion to clean wounds

In addition to its antibacterial qualities, onion is an anti-infective and natural antiseptic that helps clean wounds thoroughly and promotes their healing. For this, use onion juice on the affected area. Do this twice a day, this food will kill all microbes and accelerate the healing process.

Onion to purify blood and prevent disease

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the feet would be directly related to the nervous system and have more than 7,000 nerve endings linked to body parts. Unfortunately, wearing shoes and inhibits the stimulation of these meridians. To stimulate, besides walking barefoot, experts advise to put a slice of onion in each sock in the evening and to sleep with it. You will notice the difference when you wake up. Indeed, Dr. Joe Schwarcz of McGill University has experimented and discovered that this food had the ability to absorb toxins. It absorbs bad bacteria and purifies the blood. Do not hesitate to apply this tip from time to time!


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