Warning: Washing your Hair in the Hair Salon can be Very Dangerous

For many girls, going to the hairdresser is a favorite pastime and the opportunity to relax a little after the hard working days. But recent events have shed a light on this, at first glance, harmless procedure.

Washing your Hair in the Hair Salon can be Very Dangerous

It turns out, that in the salon you can catch the so-called “beauty salon syndrome”. This happens during the hair wash.

The fact is that due to the incorrect position of the neck, the arteries can be clamped so that it provokes a stroke. When the vessel is damaged the blood thickens and it forms a clot. When blood clots get to the brain, a stroke occurs.

In January 2014, Elizabeth Smith, mother of two children, suffered a stroke. The x-rays at the hospital showed that the cause of the stroke was the chair and sink for washing the hair.

And despite the fact that the salon is expensive and, according to the manufacturer, it has ergonomic equipment.

In December 2015 she filed for interior court. The rehabilitation of the woman was for months, and now she encourages everyone to be careful when visiting the hair salon.

“At first I reacted skeptically to the story that two weeks after the trip to the salon she had a stroke,” – says her lawyer Spencer Smith. – “At first glance, she had no visible injuries, and from a medical point of view there was no causal link to the cause. But the authoritative opinion of independent experts confirmed the claims of the woman.”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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