A Cold Beer or Two after Work Is Good for your Health, Says Science

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. The first traces of its existence date back to about 4000 years BC in Mesopotamia. Clay tables show the presence of a fermented drink prepared with beans, sikaru. This much appreciated beverage has been the subject of different beliefs throughout history.

A Cold Beer or Two after Work Is Good for your Health, Says Science

In ancient Egypt, the “beer” was a divine drink. According to a legend, the god Osiris had forgotten a decoction of barley mixed with the sacred water of the Nile on the sun, thus incidentally creating the “barley wine”. The beer was prepared by women and served by priestesses. It was increasingly appreciated as divine benefactor and valued for its multiplying therapeutic uses. Beer also was used as welcome drink, as a food, and in some points of history becomes currency.

Is this drink good for the health?

Studies prove that beer, despite the alcohol, after a day of work would be good for the health, provided that it is consumed in moderation.

This is your last working day of the week, so you decide to go have a beer with colleagues. But deep down inside, you know that this decision is not reasonable, it is not good for your health and even less for your waistline. And yet, you might be wrong! Because according to several studies, drinking a beer in moderation is beneficial to health.

Yes, apart from its special taste, the beer has several strings to its bow. It has a positive effect on sleep, the heart, kidneys and bones.

According to studies conducted by The American Society of Human Genetics and Tufts University in 2009, not to mention several articles relayed by the BBC News and Forbes since the early 2000s, the benefits of beer are well known. The researchers conducted several investigations and got their hands on some old data.

Indeed, the conclusion is clear after collecting the DNA of people of a certain age. Those who consumed beer occasionally had higher bone density, fewer problems with hypertension than others, but less body fat. In short, if you drink beer, you will age better. Interesting!

One can also point out that moderate consumption of beer limits the heart attack risks and the level of cholesterol, incredible as it may seem. Therefore people who drink beer have a better life expectancy. Because beer contains vitamins, folic acid, or silicon, perfect for strong bones.

In addition, you have probably already noticed, beer also makes us happy. One only looks at a pint and gets satisfied smile.

Of course, no need to remember that alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, and that the consumption should remain moderate and not as daily habit, preferably along with a balanced diet and a sports activity.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health. Consume with moderation.

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