There is no Secret: Do This and All the Extra Fat will go Away in 2 Weeks!

We know that in order to maintain a good physical shape it is necessary to exercise. But what is difficult is that we need to dedicate time to workout! Home workout is the best solution for very busy people who want to be in good shape.

There is no Secret Do This and All the Extra Fat will go Away in 2 Weeks

It is very important how you eat before and after exercise, since this influence the effectiveness of the physical activity! Be sure to eat 1 hour before the start of the workout, it should be light snack, but rich in carbohydrates.

1 banana or 1 cup of yogurt, 1 slice of bread with peanut butter or an apple and a couple of Greek nuts, are products that will ensure a vibrant, productive workout.

Also it’s very important to drink 1 glass of water half an hour before starting to exercise. Hydration of the body needs to start before the training, so that the body doesn’t  feel the stress of dehydration. During a workout, drink water, if necessary; do not forget about this important point!

Before you start with the training do some stretching. Stretching is also necessary for your muscles after the active exercise. Stretching doubles the effect of the training, strengthens the muscles, promotes the process of losing weight – do not neglect it!

This video shows a system for a smart home workout. Within 2 weeks of training you will see significant changes in your figure!

After a workout, you need to eat, but it is important to focus on the state of your body. If you don’t feel hunger, don’t push yourself to eat! The best time to eat is after the exercise, an hour after the end of the training, the meal should consist of 60% of complex carbohydrates, and 40% proteins.

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