Dry your Nail Polish in Less than 1 Minute with this Simple Trick!

How many times have you done a manicure without being able to do anything with your fingers in the minutes that followed because your nail polish was not dry yet? Here’s a simple trick that only requires water and ice cubes to dry your nail polish in record time!

Dry your Nail Polish in Less than 1 Minute with this Simple Trick

After spreading nail polish on the nails, nothing is more annoying (and boring) than waiting for endless minutes while it dries. And the worst thing that can happen after a manicure is to damage your nail with an unfortunate gesture when you think it’s dry!

There is also another important factor that will determine the speed of drying your nail polish: it is the number of layers that you apply. Of course, the more layers, the more drying time you will need.

Here’s a useful tip for drying your manicure in minutes!

For your nails to dry quickly and your manicure remains impeccable, try this very effective and easy way to not ruin your nail polish, or waste time.

Here is what you need for this trick of express nail polish drying:

  • A bowl
  • Some water
  • A few ice cubes


  • Before starting to apply the nail polish on your nails, put cold water in a bowl and add a few ice cubes.
  • Then apply your nail polish as usual.
  • After completing the application, dip your fingers into the bowl (but preferably wait two to three minutes, keeping your hands in air, before putting your fingers in the water).
  • Hold this position for a few minutes then remove your hands from the bowl.
  • Result: your nail polish is completely dry and your manicure is successful, without the risk of damaging the good look of the applied nail polish.

However, note that the drying process depends on the number of layers you have applied. You can also save some time by application of the various layers if you allow each to dry for a while before being covered with new layer.

Extra tip to prevent brittle nails

Do your nails tend to become soft and break easily? Do a little express spa to prepare your nails before applying nail polish. In fact, there are natural treatments that help them strengthen. For example, you can massage your fingers with one of the following oils: castor oil, jojoba and argan, before you go to bed. They have hydrating, restorative and nourishing effect. Castor oil will even promote faster regrowth of your nails. The next day, before you apply your nail polish, first set a base on your nails. This will protect and strengthen your tired nails and prepare them for the nail polish.

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