Attention Parents! If your Child Sits Like This Immediately Take Action Because Something can Happen…

“W-Sitting is often used by children. In this situation, children sit with their knees bent, feet tucked under and the legs are spread apart what looks like a ‘W’. This is normal sitting position, as children feel supported and secure.”

If your Child Sits Like This Immediately Take Action Because Something can Happen

Many parents didn’t know about the dangers of sitting too long in this way. Sitting in the “W” position too often or too long, it could negatively affect the development and growth of the child.

The negative effects of “W-Sitting” include:

Orthopedic problems

Delayed development of postural control and stability

Delayed development of motor skills

These are the main reasons why it is not recommended for a child to sit in this position. This posture also causes unnecessary stress on the body.

“W-Sitting” exposure to unnecessary stress on the body:

Pressure on the hips
Internal muscles

Shifting is easy and often the children who sit in this position. Also seating in this position leads to shortening or stretching of muscles. This can affect the development of the motor skills, balance and coordination. Also “W-Sitting” creates less need for stability, postural control and weight change during playing. This weakens the muscles of the torso or hinders their development.

The only way to stop or fix this harmful seating habit is consistency. Teach your child how to sit properly and remind it how to sit on the floor. You can invest in a small desk or table and chair.

Not all “W” sitting children will have serious problems, but this sitting position still is not recommended as it can cause risks.


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