The 3 Best Recipes to Eliminate Bruising and Swelling

The bruises and swelling are the most common effects that are caused by an impact to the body. They are most common in children, but adults need to treat these disorders.

Swellings on the body, however, may be a symptom of a disease. They appear, since there is unnecessary accumulation of fluid in the tissues. For example, problems with the kidneys manifest mainly by swelling of the hands and eyelids. When there are heart problems swellings appear in the waist and legs.

They don’t look nice and so we present recipes to remove bruises and swelling of the body…

  1. Place a few plums in a blender and make a mash. Then heat the mash over low heat. Put the mash on the swelling/injury, but be careful not to be too hot. Cover the area with a cloth because the remedy must remain in place for about 6 hours.
  2. Treatment with bread and vinegar also helps eliminate swelling of the body and is made very easy. You need only the middle of the bread that is soaked in vinegar. Strain and apply on the affected area. Cover with a cloth and let it dry, and then remove it.
  3. Potato remedy – use fresh potatoes that are finely grated. Apply the grated potatoes on the injury/swelling, cover with a cloth and keep it for 20 minutes.

Each of these remedies has the power to help stop the swelling of the body, but if the injury/swelling is due to some kind of illness, you should seek a specialist to determine an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the problem.

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