Easy Recipes for Cleaning the Blood Vessels

Take care of your health and it will pay off many times. Experts advise doing regular cleaning of the blood vessels before they start clogging and fatal consequences ensue.

They warn that clogged arteries are extremely dangerous because they can cause a number of serious illnesses, including heart attack. To clean the blood vessels you can use natural products.

Here are some effective and easy recipes for cleaning the blood vessels:

Natural cider vinegar and garlic

You need a clove of garlic and ½ cup natural apple cider vinegar.
Peel the garlic cloves and finely chop them. Put it in a suitable container and then pour the vinegar. Mix well and drink on an empty stomach. The procedure is administered over a week and the mixture is prepared immediately before drinking it.

Carrot juice and apples

If you didn’t like the first recipe for cleaning the blood vessels here is an alternative – apple juice and carrots. You need two apples and three carrots. Thoroughly clean the carrots and apples adn place them in a blender. Beat until a uniform mixture. Drink the resulting nectar in the morning before breakfast for seven days.

Honey and lemon

Honey and lemon is a classic recipe for purification of the blood vessels. If you want to try it, then you need 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of honey.

Put the honey in a suitable container, add two tablespoons of lukewarm water and stir until dissolved. Finally add the freshly squeezed lemon juice, stir and drink it on an empty stomach.
Repeat the procedure every morning for a week.

You will benefit if each day you eat at least one apple. This fruit is rich in fiber and pectin, which help reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Experts are adamant that daily consumption of apples reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%.

Here is a 3D Medical Animation explaining what is a heart attack

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