Elixir – a Wonderful Detox Recipe!

It’s easy to make and extremely useful for the health and body, elixir – a wonderful detoxification. Summer, heat and suffocation, this is pretty hard to restrain. And who doesn’t go nuts by just thinking about the upcoming “swelling” of the body, swelling of the limbs and other “beauties” caused by water retention and toxins in the body ?!

Therefore, we present one of the strongest fighters against similar problems – elixir for instant treatment that gives you the tone and freshness throughout the day.

It is recommended to consume it every day as this will only help you. The preparation is terribly easy and the products you need are present in every refrigerator. They are cucumber, lemon, dozen mint leaves and 8 cups of water.

Take a larger and, of course, glass jar or pitcher, which can accommodate the washed and sliced ​​lemon and cucumber. Add the well washed mint leaves and pour the water that surely must be cold.

Put the pitcher in the refrigerator and let it stand for it at least one day or more than 15 hours. Then you are ready to detoxify your body by drinking two cups of the elixir every day. It is better to drink it half an hour before you sit down at the table for lunch or dinner.

This refreshing, energizing and purifying procedure is done daily at least for fifteen days. In the meantime, if you want to get rid of one another annoying extra pound, and this drink to help you lose weight, abstain from consumption of sugary and fried foods and carbohydrate drinks and pasta as well.

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