BREUSS DIET: It Kills Cancer Cells in 42 Days! Here’s the Rudolf Breuss Famous Recipe

With this vegetable juice cancer cells die in only 42 days

The Austrian citizen Rudolf Breuss for a long time was looking for the best alternative cancer treatment. After many attempts he finally managed to find a way to kill cancer cells. Rudolf Breuss is a healer, educated man, who throughout his life wanted to find ways and means by which to help the terminally ill. His special juice, except that it flawlessly handles cancer cells, stimulates the immune system, cleanses the blood and also provides the body with a lot of energy. But most importantly, this proved juice helps in the fight against cancer cells! It has worked effectively in the treatment of more than 45,000 people with cancer and other incurable diseases. Rudolf Breuss has published a book that has become a bench mark of many people worldwide.

How did everything happen?

After many studies and trials Mr. Breuss concluded that proteins are what the cancer cells eat, and therefore they must be removed from our menu, and the body should be cleansed of them.
He created a special diet, named the Breuss diet, which lasts 42 days, during which the healer recommended to drink only green tea and his special vegetable juice, whose main ingredient is beetroot. During these 42 days the cancer cells starve while the overall health improves.

Breuss discovered the truth about his method in an old 300-year-old German book detailing how juicing can treat various diseases. As for the tea as a beverage that brings diversity in the 42-day regimen, Breuss says that it should be green, but may also be herbal, and herbs should come from the region in which you live.

Recipe for Breuss vegetable juice:
55% red beet root, 1 cup
20% carrot,  ½ cup
20% celery root, ½ cup
3% raw potato, from 2 to 6 tsp, optional
2% black radish, from 2 to 6 tsp

It’s good to strain the juice well. It is known that cancer cells eat mostly hard and sugary foods, and is therefore good for the drink to be completely cleared of the pulp.

You will not feel weakness or headache, if you prepare in advance for the treatment with Breuss juice, by following a two days a week restrictive regime – only juices and water. Don’t rush to immediately swallow the juice, hold it for a while in your mouth, enjoy it a bit and then swallow. It’s possible that during the juice diet you lose some weight, so if you want to be healthy and if you want to lose weight healthily – drink the juice of this Austrian healer, that doesn’t only kills cancer cells, but it gives the healthy people beauty and graceful figure.

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