Here’s Why People with Blue Eyes are So Special!

For most people, eye color doesn’t mean much, as hair color or size of the ears. But when it comes to people with blue eyes, science has some interesting facts to reveal.

  1. The color of blue eyes is not “fixed”

Blue eyes do not have a defined color. In fact, their color is in part determined by the light that enters them. To be more specific, each eye has an iris consisting of two different layers: the epithelium and stroma.

The epithelium consists of 5 to 7 layers of cells and brown-black pigments. It results in dark spots in the eye, while the stroma is formed of colorless collagen fibers. It contains pigments of melanin and sometimes an excessive amount of collagen. Recall that melanin and collagen are both involved in the eye color of a person.

According to ScienceAlert, blue eyes are the most fascinating, as is their color which is entirely structural. People with blue eyes have a completely colorless stroma without pigment melanin and without excessive amount of collagen. This means that all the light that enters the eye is scattered, and thanks to the Tyndall effect, creates a blue tint. This means that blue eyes do not really have a “fixed color”, but it depends on the amount of light that enters them.

  1. People with blue eyes have the same ancestor!

According to a Danish researcher, all people with blue eyes in the world have the same family relationship! According to the study, about 6,000 or 10,000 years ago, all humans had brown eyes. According to a DNA test, blue eyes appeared due to a mutation that led some people have blue eyes. What is surprising is that all blue-eyed people probably have the same ancestor!

Another study also shows that people with blue eyes have a single common ancestor. Scientists have found a genetic mutation that took place about 6,000 or 10,000 years ago and would be the cause of the eye color of all people with blue eyes on the planet!

  1. The personalities of people with blue eyes

Blue eyes are lively and attractive; it is not surprising that this is the color most envied in the world! According to a study, people with blue eyes are sentimental and joyous. Sincere and whimsical, and can also be spiteful. People with blue eyes tend to be peaceful, intelligent, and generous. Generally, they are full of energy and have stable long term relationships.

What is unique in people with blue eyes is their natural need to make others happy. With their kindness and honesty, they are always trying to put a smile on the face of the other. On the other hand, blue-eyed people love to watch and contemplate things. A study conducted in Australia in 2006, underlined the competitive nature of people with light eyes (blue and green). These people are naturally sociable and can devote themselves with commitment to a long term relationship. When they are in such a relationship, they become desperate to make their companion happy!

All these criteria explain what makes people with blue eyes so attractive!

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