Forget about the problems with your teeth! These 8 plants will make your smile irresistible

Store bought teeth care products often contain sodium lauryl sulfate and alcohol, which can gradually erode the teeth.

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers replace these harmful chemicals with natural herbs, as their positive effect is not worse than them. Some herbs are ideally suited for the care of mouth and teeth. They inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce inflammation of the gums.

Home dental treatment

Aloe vera
It helps with wounds and inflammations in the mouth. Its juice is rich in vitamin E, which promotes rapid healing. Just lubricate the inflamed place with this plant juice.

Pink clove
This clove’s essential oil relieves the pain in the gums and teeth. It is enough to chew a few cloves and wait 15 minutes.

Tea tree oil
In a glass of warm water and add a drop of oil and rinse your mouth. This will help relieve the pain and inflammation. Tea tree oil is also used for whitening the teeth.

Rinsing the mouth with a decoction of calendula, commonly known as pot marigold, helps to strengthen the gums. The teeth become stronger and no longer hurt.


Neem powder is added to the highest quality toothpastes. It eliminates the unpleasant odor and whitens the teeth.

A wonderful way to deal with an unpleasant odor and it has an antiseptic effect. You can use the essential mint oil.

This plant is designed for the treatment of the gums and the oral cavity. Rinse with infusion of sage and treat a sore throat.

This unique plant admirably copes with the various ulcers in the mouth and it’s used to treat various gum diseases.

All these treatments contribute to improvement of the state of the teeth and gums. But remember that dental care must be taken, however, if you are concerned about tooth decay, consult a doctor. Let your teeth be healthy and beautiful, and have a reason to smile more!

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