Foods and Tips to Improve Memory and Brainpower

Constant forgetting is common in many people, but sometimes those little things you forget, become repetitive and cause serious problems both at work and personal life.

Therefore today we will share a variety of homemade remedies with medicinal plants that can be used to improve memory, although there are also many foods that can be of great help to promote it.

Foods for improvement and stimulation of memory

 Foods that contain sufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals should never be missing in any good diet because they are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Calcium, iron and zinc

First of all, let me mention calcium, which is very important for the body and performs key functions in it. One of the most important of these is the ability to interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses. Iron, on the other hand, is important for the functioning and proper circulation of oxygen to the cells. Zinc is vital to the neurotransmitter activity.

  • You can get the right amount of calcium from dairy products and nuts.
  • The amount of iron needed by the body is contained in foods such as meat, offal, legumes, and all dried fruits.
  • You can get adequate zinc from oysters, lamb and especially legumes.

Vitamin B complex

B-complex vitamins are important for the proper production of the neurotransmitters. Among them are:
• B1, which can be found in pork and brewer’s yeast.
• B6, found in melon, chicken and bananas.
• B12, which is contained in liver, eggs and cheese.
• B5, which is essential for the prevention of stress and also improves the mental ability.

Vitamin C

Recent studies relating to vitamin C, showed that it has the ability to prevent or at least significantly reduces the risk of cancer of the brain, especially in the early age. Vitamin C, as we all know, can be found in greater concentration in citrus fruits. You can also get it from guava, tomatoes, cauliflower and peppers.

Medicinal plants that improve memory

On the other hand, a large number of medicinal plants contain special components which have the capability to improve the capacity of the brain and – in particular – improve memory, especially for those people who have a mental fatigue due to work or study.

Plants that have this capability are:
• Ginkgo biloba
• Ginseng
• Rosemary
• Green tea
• Oregano
• Thyme

To help improve memory and prevent mental fatigue, you can use certain food supplements that are very effective. For example:
• Brewer’s yeast
• Soy lecithin
• Royal Jelly

Additional tricks and recommendations
• Drink an infusion of rosemary and honey every day – it will help to improve memory.
• Prepare a smoothie with orange juice, mango, 2-3 almonds, 3 walnuts and a glass of water. Drink every morning.
• Eat 3 plums, 3 dried apricots and 3 almonds every day.
• Eat a handful of roasted peanuts every day.


Note that these recommendations and tricks are not intended to replace the professional and traditional medical treatments. The idea is to include them in your daily menu to help for faster results from these procedures, but you should always inform your personal doctor what supplements you are taking and carefully follow his recommendations, because only he will know the steps to take in your particular case.

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