Soak your Feet in Cold Water Every Night, what will Happen will Surprise you!

Did you know that foot baths in cold water every night strengthens your health and enhances your immunity? This method is recommended by a famous Russian physical therapist.

Foot bath in cold water

This method, recommended by Professor Sergey Bubnovsky, a Russian therapist, can prevent illness and help you stay healthy.

What is the ideal time to soak the feet?

When you come back home after a hard day’s work. And when your brain is overheating! Indeed, the fact of soaking the feet in cold water will increase circulation in the area, thus relieving your brain. So in order for this remedy to be effective, it is important to use cold water, never hot or warm water.

In a bucket or in the bathtub, soak your feet for about fifteen minutes. Once you have finished, dry your feet well, especially between the toes to avoid the appearance of fungi. Then put on wool socks just to warm the feet. You must repeat this treatment every night for this Russian method to be effective. Practiced regularly, the foot bath in cold water will boost your immunity and keep you healthy.

Improved disease resistance

Your body will be more resistant to cold or flu-type infections. For example, if you are hit by cold, you will see a rapid reduction of symptoms if you do foot baths with cold water every night. To speed up the healing, you can soak your feet in cold water every four hours.

Do not worry, the flu combined with cold water will not damage your health, on the contrary, according to Doctor Sergey, it will promote faster healing.

Kneipp Cure: another therapy with cold water

Have you heard of Bavarian priest Kneipp? Little known, yet this character is a true reference in naturopathic medicine in Germany for over a century! This theraphy uses cold water as a healing medium, a method that enabled him to overcome his own illness, tuberculosis, in the 1830s.

Indeed, at age of 26, he was diagnosed with this incurable disease. He discovered an article by Dr. Hahn extolling the benefits of fresh water on the body. He decides to heal himself by following this method: a brisk walks on the Danube twice a week, and bath in icy water with temperature of 5 °C. The result was that in a few months, Father Kneipp was healed! Then he deepened his research on hydrotherapy. He became a known “healer” and one of his patients was Pope Leo XIII.

Many scientific studies extol the virtues of cold water on the immune system. According to a German study, people taking cold showers lasting at least two minutes every day are less prone to infections such as common colds.


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