This is How to Make a Woman Feel Better While She’s on Her Period

Menstrual cycle is usually not a cakewalk. These regular bleedings arriving once a month and lasting from 3 to 7 days are a sign that the egg is not fertilized and therefore it is ejected from the uterus. To help women feel better during this period, we suggest you gentlemen, to take just a few steps.

In response to hormonal changes taking place in the body during the cycle, women generally have different unpleasant and painful symptoms. Sometimes even manifest irritability and aggressiveness; they are often misunderstood by their male partner who doesn’t know where to turn.

Here are 10 actions to take in order to help your wife, partner or friend to feel better during her menstrual period:

  1. Try to understand how she feels during these days

Obviously, a man can’t be put in the place of a woman and assimilate her role and completely understand what she undergoes during her cycles. However, it is essential to first understand that this is a difficult period with annoying and painful symptoms, including: abdominal pain – which can range from simple discomfort to excruciating and unpleasant pain – breast pain, lower back pain and intimate part pain, headaches, anxiety, the unexplained mood swings and even depression, irritability, bloating, change in appetite, fatigue and persistent sleepiness.

So knowing that a woman has one or more of these symptoms, it goes without saying that we should show some tolerance and compassion!

  1. Remind her how much she is valuable to you

Irritated and in a very bad mood, what is more beneficial than compliments that come out of the heart of a loving person to remind her of her value and merits that you enjoy so much. These sweet words will restore confidence and soothe her bad mood.

  1. Help her with household chores

Dealing with a stack of piled dishes in the sink or a full laundry basket increases the stress level. The help in this kind of housework will allow her to reduce the weight of everyday worries and have some time to rest and recharge. Thus, loading the dishwasher or starting the washing machine would be nice. And to remind you that this is also very helpful if done every day.

  1. Reassurance

During this period of great hormonal upheaval, women tend to doubt themselves and those around her. Therefore, make small and tender gestures to reassure her that she is loved and distract her from negative and doubtful thoughts. Give her a massage, a hug or just take her hand. This will allow her to feel some relaxation both physically and mentally.

  1. Show her that she’s always loved and desired

A happy woman is a woman who feels loved and desired. A call, a message or even an email where you show her how much you value her as wife, partner or as a best friend, will have a miraculous effect on her state of mind in those moments of depression. She will be very grateful.

  1. Do not show disgust at her condition

Do not act as if her period causes you nausea. If she needs to talk, do not answer her with a disgusted grimace like “Spare me from that and talk about that with your girlfriends”. She reads your response as a lack of interest in her.

  1. Shopping

It is also very important to respond favorably to her requests, so feel free to head to the female department of the nearest supermarket to bring her usual tampons or hygienic pads. Add some magazines in your cart and she will be thrilled, just to remind her that you think about her.

  1. Cook for her

Because of the bleeding that spans several days, the woman loses a lot of blood and nutrients over a relatively short period. This is why she can become pale, tired and without energy. Prepare delicious and nutritious dishes to fill this gap and give her a burst of energy. It would be the greatest help!

  1. Give her chocolate!

If you want to pamper a woman, give her chocolate. In addition to its strong taste and beside the fact it is delicious, chocolate – preferably black – is a nutritious food and a natural antidepressant. During these difficult days of the month, chocolate consumption is recommended because it satisfies her needs to snack and has a positive effect on her morale.

  1. Do not judge her

Hormonal changes increase women’s sensitivity and she is losing control of her emotions. That’s why you will see her in tears for everything and anything. In this case, you must support her and avoid judging her excessive sensitivity if you don’t want to make the last straw!

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