Get rid of Tartar without Pain and without Dentist

This unpleasant, yellow, even brown deposit on the teeth (tartar) can be removed at home!

This is a common problem for all people; modern dentistry offers many modern ways of its elimination. Today, most people rarely eat hard, raw food that requires good chewing, but often eat soft food like oatmeal that doesn’t require a lot of mechanical processing.

Therefore the formation of dental plaque occurs. But there is a method that is very simple and that can save you some money.

Oral hygiene is very important: If you regularly and properly brush your teeth, such deposits form slowly. Otherwise, an inflammatory disease may develop – periodontitis. If the infection penetrates through the root canal it may lead to inflammation of the entire tissue.

Fortunately, there is a natural remedy to prevent this terrible disease!

– Boil few walnut shells in water for about 20 minutes.
– After cooling, strain the liquid.

Then soak the toothbrush in this liquid and brush your teeth with it.

This procedure can be repeated three times a day – until the deposits completely disappear!

In just two weeks of regular brushing with this liquid, you will see the result – tartar will be removed. This fluid has antibacterial properties and is therefore useful for all those who suffer from bleeding gums: the inflammation disappears quickly.

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