9 Things to Never do During your Period!

During menstruation, all women (almost all women) have edgy nerves and all men (almost all men) do not miss the opportunity to complain. When you have your period, you are often prone to abdominal pain and hormonal disorders, to the point that leaving your bed can sometimes be a real struggle.

This period is often accompanied by annoying symptoms caused by bleeding and hormonal changes taking place inside your body. Headaches, mood swings, change in appetite, fatigue, excessive sensitivity, irritability and even aggression may emerge during these few days and disappear soon after.

To preserve your well-being and turn those days in calm vacation, here are 9 things not to do during your period:

  1. Cooking

If you are in the kitchen fixing a meal while you have period, you risk injury. How? The answer is simple: for cooking you must use a knife! And if you have one of these anger flashes when you have it in hand you could easily injure yourself or the person who has the misfortune to be there at the wrong time. That’s why the best thing to do is stay out of the kitchen!

  1. Use your cell phone

The reason why you should not use the cell phone is very simple: you may call your ex. This is a time when your emotions are in full swing and your hormones can play tricks on you, making you more willing to feel alone and abandoned and seek consolation with your ex! You will want to see him or just talk to him and if he refuses for one reason or another, you’re going to deal with depression, tears and other negative emotions. In order not to commit the worst mistake of your life, stay away from your phone until the storm passes.

  1. Obsessively exercise

The first thing to remember is: you’re not fat, you’re just a little bloated because of menstruation. Once your period ends, you will get your belly back and your sexy figure too! What we mean by this is that it’s not worth rushing around your gym to circle machines for hours! Certainly, sport lifts the spirit and is good for the body. You must know that you have not gained 2 or 4 pounds, you are just bloated. Be patient for few days and everything will be in order.

  1. Watching romantic comedies

If you are single and period is about to come, romantic comedies are not the best choice! Besides, even if you are a couple, it is best to be avoided. In short, remember that these people you are watching are just actors – very talented, their story is fictitious and has nothing to do with reality!

  1. Eat tons of chocolate

You need to stuff yourself with chocolate, it’s called a cliché. We understand that you have cravings more than usual, but that does not give you the right to eat a whole jar of spread! A few pieces of dark chocolate will do. In addition, the craving will pass few days later, but the calories ingested will need a little more time to be burned, don’t forget this!

  1. Start a fight

This is one of the main things to be avoided in this rather stormy period. You are irritated enough, so you do not have to manage a hassle! If you feel your blood pressure skyrocket during the discussion – especially with someone you care about greatly – try to calm down and count to ten before you speak. Otherwise, you may say hurtful words that you will regret later and ruin your relationship.

  1. Get out of bed

If you are in a bad mood, stay in bed. It’s no use to deal with your bad mood, so it would be best to stay warm under the blanket and sleep some more. If you can, stay in bed to regain balance and good humor. Don‘t hurry!

  1. Housework

Your muscles are quite sore and tired. Do not bother to clean thoroughly. The dirty laundries pile on the bedroom floor or mountain of dishes in your sink wisely let them stay in place waiting for you to get better. Enjoy a good time to rest and take care of the other domestic tasks as soon as you like.

  1. Think too much

Your body is already suffering enough, why make your brain also suffer?

Do not worry, the Earth will not stop turning if you decide to do nothing for a few days. Rather, relax to the fullest; you’ll be plumb and more ready than ever to accomplish your daily role of Superwoman.

Don’t take badly these tips! Of course you can go about your business as you used to do so throughout the month, it’s just that it would be beneficial for you to stay in bed and give your body a chance to recharge during this trying time! That is all.

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