So you Think you Know the Truth About Cracking the Knuckles? Read this…

You certainly have been repeatedly warned that the habit of cracking the knuckles will inevitably lead to arthritis in old age. Well, it is a logical statement … Read this article to find out if it’s true.

Why knuckles crack?

Many believe that the crackling sound of the knuckles is formed from the friction of the joints. We have good news: the friction has nothing to do with the nature of these cracks.

Between each of our joints there is a synovial liquid having the consistency of egg protein. It acts as a lubricant that provides mobility of joints. Previously it was believed that the source of the sound was the bursting of bubbles of gas (carbon dioxide) generated in the fluid.

Recent studies using modern X-ray equipment showed that the sound is generated in the synovial fluid as a result of the vacuum produced by a sudden movement of the joints, not friction.

After analysis of the experiment, which lasted 5 years, the American Board of Family Medicine concluded that there was no connection between the cracking of the knuckles and the development of arthritis. Later, researchers added that this disease may be caused by hard repetitive physical labor or other repetitive movements.

Of course, no bad habit (yes, cracking the knuckles refers to as such) is without certain hazards. Constant cracking of the fingers can reduce the gripping power and damage the ligaments.

Among other things, this sound may annoy others. So crack the knuckles with caution and better be alone… or use alternative means to warm up the hands.

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