You have been using Sanitary Pads the Wrong Way Ever Since!

If you are a woman, surely you have used sanitary pads every month. And what if you were told that you use them the wrong way? Here are some insights to learn how to place them properly.

  1. Disposable sanitary pads: manual

There are two types of sanitary pads on the market: those which are provided with an adhesive tape at the center and stick to the underwear, and others: those with wings on the sides which improve the fixing on the panties. Generally, the pads need to be changed every two hours (never keep a sanitary napkin over 8 hours straight, this advice also applies to tampons).

Effective use of sanitary pads

To use them properly, please follow these useful instructions for optimum attachment to your underwear.

Step 1

First, you remove the packaging of the sanitary pad, before use.

Step 2

After sitting on the toilet, put your underwear under your knees.

Step 3

Fold the wings of the pad and remove the tape from the entire length of the pad.

Step 4

Place it on the panties and check if the adhesive is stuck to your underwear. Wrap the wings around the panties and support in the same way to ensure they are secure. If you use special pads for g-strings, the widest part should be clearly placed in the front of your underwear and the thinnest part at the back.

Step 5

To verify that the sanitary pad is placed in the right position, do this very simple test: pull up your underwear and if the pad completely covers the vagina it is properly placed, otherwise it means that the pad has to be moved a little upwards.

Step 6

You must check the status of your sanitary pad minimum every two hours to see if it needs to be changed or not. If the surface is wet and it can no longer absorb menstrual blood you must change it.

Step 7

For optimal hygiene, before you throw the pad in the trash, you need to wrap it in toilet paper or a special plastic bag.

2. Reusable sanitary napkins (or washable): manual

You want to do a little bit good for the environment by contributing to the reduction of waste on the planet? Then you should use washable sanitary napkins! Here are some tips for using them.

Washable sanitary napkins: what is it?

Fully recyclable, they help to save money and can last between 5 and 10 years. They can be washed either by hand or in the washing machine (on a low temperature). Moreover, did you know that 85% of pads and tampons contain glyphosate, a weed killer better known under the name Roundup by Monsanto? This is according to a scientific study conducted by Argentine researchers and published in October 2015.

Step 1

Sit on the toilet and put your pants just above your knees.

Step 2

Place the napkin on your panties with wings facing up.

Step 3

Next, fold the wings on the outer sides of the pants.

Step 4

Check your napkin every two hours. You must change if it is wet on the surface and is not absorbent.

Step 5

After use, washable pads should be soaked in soapy water in a resalable container (to preserve the privacy). Then put them in the washing machine with a washing program which should not exceed 90°F, use your usual detergent. Otherwise, you can hand wash after soaking.

Some tips and more:

  • In general, you must get rid of your disposable sanitary pads in a trash with a lid, especially if you have pets that are naturally attracted by the smell of blood.
  • Always wash the hands before and after changing your sanitary napkins.


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