The Incredible Virtues of Fruit Infused Water

Do you like drinking tasty beverages with artificial colors? And if you can replace them with fruit infused water? Ideal to hydrate and detoxify the body, giving great boost of energy these beverage recipes are very simple to prepare.

These fruit infused water recipes, naturally healthy, are an alternative to manufactured beverages. They have detoxifying properties to cleanse your body because they contain essential vitamins and minerals coming from the fruits. It is very simple to prepare them. In a jug, put as much fruit as you want, cut into large pieces. Add water and let it stand for at least 30 minutes before drinking. In addition to health benefits, these drinks are also very attractive.

Water infused with green tea, mint and lime

The cumulative benefits of green tea, mint and lime facilitate the fat burning process, improve digestion and freshen the breath.

Water infused with strawberry and kiwi

This healthy and natural drink helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, strengthen the immune system, regulate sugar levels in the blood and promote better digestion.

Water infused with cucumber, lemon and lime

This delicious drink improves digestion, moisturizes the body, reduces bloating and controls the appetite by increasing satiety.

Water infused with lemon, lime and orange

The combined action of lemon, lime and orange, of course, fruits rich in vitamin C, helps to improve digestion, strengthen the immunity (protecting against diseases and infections) and relieve stomach pain. Numerous scientific studies have shown that regular consumption of flavonoids from citrus fruits decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps to prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol. In addition, these flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain.

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