Check if something is Wrong with your Inner Organs in Less than 1 Minute Just by Doing This

We always try to verify our health and know whether our bodies function optimally. Besides a regular checkup, there is a simple trick to check, in less than a minute, if your vital organs are well, for this you only need a spoon!

How to tell if your organs are healthy? Check for yourself!

Did you know that you could check if your organs are healthy simply with a spoon? This is a very simple trick that allows you to check, at home, if your organs are working properly.

For this you only need a spoon, plastic film and a minute of your time! This test can indeed tell if the intestines, metabolism, hormones, respiratory system and kidneys are working properly.

How to check the health of your organs?

Take a metal spoon and scrape your tongue with it. This movement should be done from the tip of the tongue to almost near the throat, making sure to take enough saliva with the spoon. Then wrap the spoon with a plastic wrap and allow to “rest” for a minute. After this time, remove the plastic film and check the contents of the spoon (saliva residue) .If the spoon is clean, it means that your organs are in perfect health.

To be sure, feel free to check the smell of saliva. If that odor is the usual smell of saliva, nothing to worry about: all your organs are working properly and optimally! Contrarily, if you smell a strange and unusual odor, read on for more details.

If the color of the saliva is slightly orange, it can probably indicate kidney problems or chronic kidney disease.

If the color of your saliva is white, it may indicate a respiratory infection or dehydration.

If the color is yellow, this may indicate an excess of mucus or digestive disorders.

If the saliva on the spoon has a bad odor, it can also mean that simply your breath smells bad and you should adopt simple tips to fix this: better dental hygiene, specific care, gargle twice a day, regular brushing, etc.

Otherwise, this odor may indicate more serious health problems that may be related to:

  • Kidney malfunction
  • High blood sugar (diabetes)
  • Breathing problems
  • Gastric discomfort

Of course, this test can’t determine and ascertain a problem with the health of the organs. If you find something wrong, you must consult a doctor.

The method we have presented in this article costs nothing and has no negative side effects on your health, unlike some specific tests that can adversely affect the body as a scanner, an X-ray, MRI, etc. However, keep in mind that this trick can’t replace the diagnosis of a health professional (doctor, specialist).

A saliva test developed by Australian researchers to identify heart failure

In Australia for example, Australian researchers have developed a saliva test that could possibly replace blood tests to detect and identify cases of heart failure. This condition is a real silent killer that is asymptomatic in its early stages. Thanks to this saliva test, the scientists can determine the presence of galectin-3, a protein that plays a role in heart failure.


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