We Drink it Every Day but we don’t Know that it is Largely Responsible for Breast Cancer…

Breast cancer is a serious threat to all women. To prevent this potentially deadly disease, every woman should prioritize a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet. But did you know that you probably put your health at risk unknowingly by consuming a product such as milk?

Breast cancer: a threat to the health of all women

Breast cancer is a cancer that makes the most havoc on the female population. This is the most common cancer in women, both in developed countries and in developing countries. But did you know that consumig certain foods like milk increases the risk of developing breast cancer?

A team of Norwegian researchers conducted a study on the link between milk consumption and breast cancer development. The findings of this study are quite frightening. Indeed, they found that women who drank at least three glasses of milk a day multiplied the risk of developing breast cancer by three compared with women who drank half a glass or no milk at all.

Breast cancer on the rise in recent years

In recent years, the number of breast cancer incidence has increased significantly. Doctors believe that milk may be an aggravating factor in breast cancer onset and may even accelerate its development in the body.

New elements highlighted by Norwegian researchers “incriminate” the milk. In this study, patients from Finland, Sweden, Britain, Canada and US were followed. All the countries from where these women were from are characterized by particularly high milk consumption. In this study, the scientists also found that countries which had a relatively low milk intake had a low rate of people with breast cancer.

How can milk be involved in the development of breast cancer?

Milk and dairy products contain growth hormones for the development of the calf and are not adapted to humans. These substances may interfere with the human hormones, promote the proliferation of cancer cells, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It was published in the British Journal of Cancer, that a Swedish study found that lactose intolerant persons who do not eat dairy products had less risk of developing certain cancers.

Namely, lactose intolerant people have a reduced risk of developing the following cancers:

  • ovarian cancer by 39%
  • breast cancer by 21%
  • lung cancer by 45%

Nevertheless, one can not accuse the milk of all evil! Other factors also contribute to the development of this deadly disease such as poor eating habits: excessive consumption of sugar (processed products), red meat (especially pork), etc. In general, priority should be given in a healthy and balanced diet with emphasis on fruits and vegetables while practicing regular exercise to strengthen the immune system.

Breast cancer and bra

It was also revealed in a study that wearing a bra, especially when it is very tight and with a metal frame, increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Avoid as much as possible wearing a bra when you are at home and completely remove it at night because it blocks the flow of blood, thus promoting the accumulation of toxins in this area of ​​the body.

Undeniably, according to this study, women who wear a bra for 12 hours a day multiplied the risk of breast cancer by 20, in comparison to women that rarely wear it, or not at all.

Source: healthyfoodteam.com

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