You Might have been Brushing your Teeth Wrong your Entire Life (Video)

Recently my dentist told me that the majority of health problems arise if a person is not too careful while brushing the teeth. Infections of the mouth, tartar, dental caries, periodontal disease – all these troubles affect the overall health! Even heart diseases are closely associated with tooth decay

We all know how to brush the teeth; it is a simple usual daily activity. But, alas, few people know how to do it as efficiently as possible. Careful removal of plaque and bacteria from the teeth and tongue will protect you from many diseases!

How to brush your teeth

The only sure way to clean the teeth is shown in this video. I watched it with great interest: it turned out, it is very important to give time for continuous cleaning of the inside of the teeth. Now I pay attention to it, even when in a hurry somewhere in the morning …

Try to keep track of your actions when you perform this usual task. Sometimes we become robots and do everything automatically, without thinking … This impairs the quality of our life.


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