Lose Weight Easily with this Doctor’s Method – Chrono Diet

Do you want to lose weight without being frustrated and eat whatever you want? So Chrono diet is for you! This method was invented by Dr. Alain Delabos in 1986, and it helps to rebalance your diet to slim down without much effort.

Chrono diet: what is it?

Chrono diet is not really a diet but rather a reorganization of the diet according to the “biological clock” to limit the storage of excess fat in the body and lose weight effectively. The principle is simple: eat regularly at fixed times a certain amount of food to lose weight selectively: flabby thighs, stomach, arms, chest…

With this method, you’ll be able to eat all the foods normally forbidden in conventional diets: cheese, butter, chocolate, dried fruit, etc. The only rule to follow in this chrono diet is to eat at certain time the day to meet the chronobiology of your body. According to Dr. Delabos, some foods must be eaten at the time of day when the body needs it most so that the nutrients are assimilated directly and not stored as fat.

A day of chrono diet

Ideally, a day of chrono diet consists of four meals. The basic rule is to maintain a  4 to 5 hours delay between each meal.

For breakfast, the food may be higher in fat because it is the time of day when the cells regenerate. You can eat carbohydrates but also proteins, lipids such as wholemeal bread, butter, cheese, whole grains. You should avoid sugars (jam, cakes, and soft drinks) because they will be quickly absorbed by the body. Avoid: wheat and corn. What is allowed: certain flours like barley, rye, buckwheat and oats. You can eat foods such as meat (if they are not processed and do not contain any additives).

For lunch, you should focus on proteins by eating only one dish with fish or poultry (you can add fresh vegetables or small proportions of carbohydrates).

Tea, fruits and some sweets are allowed (but only between lunch and dinner, not in the morning). Dark chocolate (1 ounce) is a recommended food (provided it is at least 70% cocoa), but also dried fruits such as prunes. You can also consume fats like avocado, olives, walnuts, or honey.

For dinner, you should eat very light dinner by consuming foods rich in protein such as chicken breast or fish. The assimilation process has to be stopped, hence the importance of not having a heavy meal. You can also add fresh vegetables and salad.

Snack time is the time the body will naturally secrete excess insulin, which will allow using sugar immediately.

With this nutritional program, you will lose weight in an effective and targeted manner without depriving yourself at the same time.

If you have a lot of weight to lose…

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you can test the restrictive diet developed by Dr. Ana Gifing. The principle is the same as the chrono diet but you must not eat snacks and fruits because they contain large amounts of sugar. Furthermore, you must avoid vegetables and starchy foods for lunch. The bad side is that with this method, you should to eat absolutely NOTHING in between meals.

Remember, hydration and physical activity are essential for lasting weight loss.

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