5 Health Problems that Can be Cured Just by using Onions

Garlic is one of the best natural antibiotic, but onion also has many virtues. Here are the top 5 amazing benefits of onion!

In salads, soups or dishes, onion occupies a great place in cooking your delight! Beyond its aromatic characteristics the onion is full of nutrients (vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.) and can be effective against certain evils of daily life.

Furthermore, onion helps improve your health and prevents some diseases. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, rutin, a compound in onions would help prevent the formation of blood clots. Indeed, rutin can inhibit the fibrin formation in the veins and platelet accumulation in the arteries leading to the development of blood clots.

Other studies show that vegetables from the allium family (garlic, onion, chive, leek…) help prevent cancer of the intestine and stomach.

Here are 5 benefits of onion that will make you use it and consume it more:

  1. Clogged ears

Cerumen, or ear wax, is a yellow waxy material secreted in the ear canal. Its accumulation leads to obstruction of the ear, which can cause pain and discomfort.

How to use onion for clogged ears?

Take the onion heart (central part), then place it in your ear, at the entrance of the ear canal. Be careful, use a thick piece to avoid slipping and do not push it deep in your ear!

Keep this piece of onion in the ear all night with a plaster or bandage. The onion juice will help soften the accumulated ear wax, and the next day you can clean your ears without difficulty.

  1. Burns

If you spend much time in the kitchen, you have certainly already burned your hands using the oven, or got burned with hot cooking oil. Have you ever thought of using onion?

How to use onion for burns?

Cut an onion in half and place the juicy part on the burned area. This will quickly alleviate the pain.

  1. Wasp and bee bites

Wasp or bee stings can be very dangerous. They can even cause death to people with allergies!

How to use onion for wasp and bee bites?

First, do not panic! Then remove the stinger or have someone do it for you. Next, take an onion, chop it, and apply the onion puree on the affected area without pressure. The relief will be immediate.

  1. Fever

Fever is a symptom which signals that the body fights against some disease. It occurs naturally to fight infections. Did you know that onion can help lower the body temperature?

How to use onion to lower the temperature?

Some of you may remember this strange grandmother’s remedy. She used to put onions in socks to treat fever. Just place an onion ring under each foot, then put on some socks. This old method to treat fever comes from the traditional Chinese medicine and is proven to be very effective!

  1. Body detox

Detox is one of the best ways to cleanse the body and eliminate toxins. Onion is a key food in this process, as it helps eliminate waste naturally.

How to use onion to detox your body?

Just promote consumption of raw onion regularly. Consider adding them to your salads and cold sandwiches, certainly by favoring organic onions.

Source: Healthy Living House

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