Improve your Health NOW: This Point is used in Military Medicine

Military medicine – things you should know…

During the military training there is no time for rest, no time to relax, and sometimes the cadets need healing.
Today the military uses ancient Chinese medicine and the skills of the ancient warriors and samurai to improve their health. We offer an easy method by which quickly and effectively you can improve your health. Remember not to press this point whenever you want but only in cases when really feel seriously unwell.

In the picture you can see where the point is located, and how to press it.

Improve your Health NOW This Point is used in Military Medicine

What does it do?

Drastically reduces the blood pressure if it’s high and it normalizes it if low.

The consciousness is cleared and soon you will begin to see better.

Improves the hearing. Your ears will literally start ringing – so you will start hearing more clearly.

Dizziness, weakness and fatigue disappear.

Removes pain in the legs and back.

As we said, this is used in the military medicine. Treatment is different for people who study martial arts. This is a kind of extreme urgent medicine. Everything needs to be done quickly – quickly recover, quickly get up on the feet, quickly react …

The point is located in the middle of the middle finger and when pressed gently it shouldn’t be painful. It is activated in less than a minute.

There is another point which is located on the feet.

Improve your Health NOW This Point is used in Military Medicine 1

It’s called the point to eliminate anger.

5-minute massage on both feet in the area delineated by the pen will help you get rid of many harmful deposits that can cause unpleasant illnesses.

Separately you can also activate and point indicated in the picture with the pen.

This point is also painful and there is no way you can miss it.

Let’s repeat once again – do not overdo this massage. Use it only when necessary.

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