Here’s how to Gently Remove Ear Wax in Less than 60 seconds

Are you struggling to clean your ears? Here is a simple and effective solution for removing ear wax. It is consists of only 2 ingredients that will help you clean ear wax in less than 60 seconds!

Ear wax is composed of amino acids and minerals, its yellow color and its unappetizing appearance causes us troubles removing it. Yet earwax plays a very important role because it helps eliminate bacteria and dust in order to protect the ear canal. It is secreted by the ceruminous glands, and it is the only sterile secretion of the body.


But when present in large quantities, earwax may create negative effects. This abnormal accumulation of wax in the ear canal can cause serious problems such as pain or hearing loss.

Several factors can cause this accumulation, including:

  • Too frequent use of cotton swabs: the cotton swabs stimulate the production of wax that eventually accumulates in the bottom of the ear canal.
  • Swimming: in contact with water, earwax accumulates.
  • A small diameter of the ear canal: this defect causes a faster wax buildup.
  • Regular use of hearing aids: these devices can promote ear wax buildup, especially in the elderly people.
  • Excessive presence of hairs in the ear canal: hair is a real obstacle to the natural drainage of earwax, especially among men; it is advisable to get rid of it.

Rather than using cotton swabs, which instead of helping you remove the wax it will only encourage the formation of wax caps, here’s a tip to get rid of earwax gently.

A recipe to clean earwax


  • white vinegar
  • 70 ° alcohol (available at pharmacies)


Mix equal parts of 70 ° alcohol and white vinegar. Using a teaspoon, pour some of the mixture into your ear. Tilt your head so that it can penetrate the ear canal. Stay in this position for 1 minute and repeat the same with the other ear. Swimmers who wish to relieve infections apply this trick! And for good reason:

  • White vinegar is an effective antibacterial agent that fights radically against infections. This ingredient cleans the ears and prevents earwax buildup.
  • The 70° alcohol is an antibacterial and antiseptic agent that will clean your ear canal thoroughly. This trick is popular among swimmers to eliminate the water residues after swimming. Indeed, the 70° alcohol promotes evaporation of the stagnant water. However, you must not abuse its use because it can be harmful to the health if used for long time.

If you don’t notice improvement within days of application of this remedy, your earwax are still present, and if you feel pain or hearing decline, consult a specialist.


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