Massage this point for 2 minutes! Read how it will help with depression / VIDEO /

Chinese medicine is a real source of many good old practices to improve health

According to Chinese culture and medicine on our feet there are many important points that relate to different parts of the body. When these points are stimulated and massaged, they can bring relief and improve our health.

Tai Chong is one of the main points on the legs, between the big toe and the second toe, where the bone of the big toe and the next toe connects.

Massaging this point helps in the treatment of headaches, reduce stress levels, anxiety, back pain, high blood pressure, relieve menstrual pain, limb pain, anxiety and insomnia. Moreover, it will help you adjust and improve the performance of the liver.

Ancient Chinese texts say that this massage is beneficial for digestive problems, genital pain, headache, gangrene, ulcers, eye problems, and irritability.

Scientists prove massaging this point gives very good results in patients with depression especially postpartum depression. Moreover, studies show that this point can lower blood pressure and plasma endothelin-1 in hypertension.

How to massage this point?

Put your finger gently into the space between the first and second toe to the top of the joint. Tai Chong is located slightly below where the bones meet.

Once you find this place, press and massage for 2-3 seconds and pause for five seconds. This massage should not take more than two minutes. Wait at least an hour and repeat the action. In the video below it is shown in which direction you should move the finger while massaging.

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