Kate Middleton Diet Melts 2 Pounds in 2 Days! (See how you can achieve it too)

Kate Middleton regularly uses a special water diet and manages to get in shape in less than a week!

When someone is as beautiful as Kate Middleton, people start to raise suspicion that this is not achieved naturally. However, this is not true. In addition to regular sweating by doing exercises, the Duchess applies special diets whenever she wishes to bring down her weight.

It looks like Kate Middleton is using water diet

Water diet is incredible and extremely efficient. A person can lose 1 pound a day with this diet, but in order not to exhaust the body, it is advisable to apply it for two consecutive days, then take two days break and do it again for another two days. I.e. within six days Kate Middleton lost 4 lbs. without gaining any weight.

Breakfast: 6 cups water, a cup of tea or natural juice. Fruits are also allowed, and should be chosen depending of the season. For example, in spring and summer you can have breakfast with sweet melon or watermelon, and in autumn and winter with grape or different kinds of citrus fruits.

Lunch: First, drink a large glass of water. The meal consists only of vegetables, which are optional. You can make a salad and add some oil or vinegar, but never salt. You can also consume olives. Finally the lunch ends with a cup of tea.

Snack: Water, juice or tea, combined with one cup of yogurt, a cup of milk, fruit or 3 ½ oz unsalted cheese (optional).

Dinner: Start again with a large glass of water. For eating you can choose to consume either 5 oz fish with egg or 3 ½ oz veal or chicken meat. Complete it with a cup of tea.

As you can see, this diet is not coincidentally named water diet. During the regiment, of greatest importance are the liquids, especially drinking water. To achieve the best possible effect you should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Kate Middleton does it and she looks stunning. You should do it too!

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