Where Does Your Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

During our life, we sometimes gain weight. To lose weight, we often resort to sports and diet. Once in our life we’ve reached our ideal weight and we got rid of the extra pounds, but have you ever wondered where all this fat, that bothered us so much, disappeared?

It’s unusual, but researchers at the University of New South Wales have shown that fat evaporates from the body through the lungs when it gets thinner.

This is surprising, but proven by the microscopic study of the metabolism that was made by Dr. Ruben Meerman and Dr. Andrew Brown. They managed to trace the path of the fat to know where it goes. So, we thought that fat was transformed into energy or heat, but the Australian researchers have found that it evaporates from the body through the lungs as carbon dioxide.

They claim it turns into air.

The study found that the lungs are “the first excretory organ (which produces liquid or solids) for weight loss”. When you lose 22 pounds, it emits 18.5 pounds of carbon dioxide through the lungs and 3.5 pounds that remain become water and is excreted as urine, sweat, tears or other body fluids.

To slim down, one must get rid of the carbon dioxide stored in the fat cells. The method remains the same: eat less and move more.

Source: iflscience.com


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