Clean your clogged arteries and eliminate bad cholesterol with this natural remedy

The blood circulates through the arteries to provide enough oxygen, minerals and other nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the organs. However, a poor diet can promote fat deposits on artery walls and cause disorders like atherosclerosis and high cholesterol. Here is a natural remedy that helps clean clogged arteries, prevents atherosclerosis and reduces cholesterol.

When the arteries are clogged, they lose their elasticity and shrink. Therefore, it slows or blocks the flow of the blood. A yellowish substance is formed, composed of fatty substances such as waste cells, cholesterol and calcium. This problem affects both children and adults.

Some bad habits can be responsible for this phenomenon, such as smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle (lowers resistance of the arteries), stress and alcohol.

Clean your clogged arteries and eliminate bad cholesterol with this natural remedy

Other causes may include:


Genetics: family history of cardiovascular events
• Menopause
• Diabetes
• Metabolic disorders: cholesterol
• High blood pressure


Atherosclerosis is formed slowly and gradually and can affect all the arteries of the body. The symptoms depend on the affected arteries thus:

  • If it affects the coronary arteries (heart), it can cause chest angina or heart attack if it affects the brain.
  • A sharp pain in the chest, with nausea, vomiting, sweating, shortness of breath, etc.

However, the symptoms still remain difficult to determine.

A remedy against atherosclerosis and bad cholesterol

Here is a recipe using natural ingredients that will help you clean your arteries and prevent such diseases, but also to lower cholesterol levels.

Moreover, this remedy is very effective against fatigue, strengthens the immune system, prevents diseases such as colds or flu, cleanses the liver and promotes good blood circulation. Here is the recipe:

• 4 large garlic cloves
• 4 lemons (with skin) preferably organic
• A ginger root 1 inch or two tablespoons of grated ginger
• 2 quarts of water

Wash the lemons and cut them into medium sized slices. Make sure you soak them in apple cider vinegar if you are not sure whether they are organic. Then, peel the garlic cloves, put them in a blender with the lemon slices and ginger. Mix everything until you get a homogeneous substance.

Put this mixture in a pan and bake in water bath. When the mixture begins to boil, remove and let it cool for a few minutes.

Consume this mixture daily for 10 days, drinking 1 cup before meals. You can repeat this treatment only twice a year.

Garlic is a condiment rich in vitamins and nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is also very beneficial for the heart. Indeed, the American Heart Association recommends eating garlic daily, due to its ability to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Garlic help to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. A study at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that daily consumption of garlic helps to reduce 7% cholesterol in blood vessels. This condiment contains a component called “allicin” that blocks the chemical synthesis of cholesterol in the blood and inhibits its accumulation in the artery walls.

Lemon is also rich in vitamin C which helps to overcome nausea and vomiting. It contains fibers that promote good digestion and minerals that help strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases such as colds or flu. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants that cleanse the body of toxins and prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

Furthermore, the lemon is effective against cholesterol. A study published in 2003 in the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science exposes the cases of volunteers who suffered from high cholesterol. The researchers asked them to drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with water and an apple every day. Within weeks, the scientists noted that cholesterol had dropped remarkably. This is due to the presence of a compound called “limonene” which, according to The American Dietetic Association, helps to lower bad cholesterol.

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