This Man Went Blind Because Of A Simple Mistake Many People Make All The Time!

Do you sleep with your contact lenses? This man from Cincinnati in the United States had an unfortunate experience. He became blind in one eye! Here is his story.

Chad Groeschen, American became blind after having forgotten to remove his contact lenses before sleeping.

Chad Groeschen, 39 years old American, used to wear lenses to improve his sight, but he eventually became blind in one eye. What was the reason? Before going to bed, he forgot to remove his contact lenses. This inattention cost him an eye. In fact, during the night, a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa has occurred and caused the infection in his left eye, becoming blind.

He started to feel tingling, sharp pain in the eye and the next day, his vision became blurred. The infection has grown to the point that he had to go to emergency, where it was discovered that he suffers from an eye infection caused by bacteria. The infection could not be treated in time and blindness in his left eye could not be avoided.

This story should alert all contact lens wearers, especially as many of them tend to overlook some of the most elementary rules of hygiene.

The best advice we can give you: do not forget to remove your lenses before going to bed!

Some basic advice on hygiene for contact lens wearers

Contact lenses are great for all those who have vision problems. But if some basic rules of hygiene are not followed or if you do not perform regular checks, you can get an infection (which is very rare). Really, the problem with an eye infection is that it is sometimes detected when it is already too late.

  1. Before handling your lenses, wash and dry well your hands.
  2. Do not wear lenses for more than 12 consecutive hours.
  3. You should never moisten your lenses and their case in tap water and even less with your saliva.
  4. Before taking shower, swimming (sea or pool), do not forget to remove your lenses.
  5. You should avoid as much as possible contact with cigarette smoke, pollution, dust and pollen.
  6. You should regularly consult a specialist, at least once a year. If you find any abnormalities: pain, redness, itching or dry eyes, go and see your doctor immediately.
  7. Your lenses must be clean. You must clean them and place them in their case with the solution (the solution must necessarily be changed daily). This rule does not apply to daily contact lenses (which are discarded after use). Before changing lenses solution previously seek the advice of your optician or your ophthalmologist.
  8. Before storing your lenses in their case, rinse them systematically.
  9. Once opened, keep the peremptory time of the products you use and the recommended period of use.
  10. Each month, consider changing your lens cases for optimal hygiene.



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