Dr. Oz Threatened for Presenting a Drink that Burns Fat Around the Clock

Worldwide renowned Dr. Oz had received threats because this miraculous recipe for a drink, which melts fat around the clock, can harm many from the drug industry

Dr. Oz recently presented in his TV show a drink that melts fat around the clock. After the feedback that this mixture received on the social networks, the famous doctor was inundated with angry threats from the drug industry. Why? Because the use of this miraculous mixture will affect the purchase of various drugs for weight loss. For the surgeon who first became known in the United States and then all around the world, this is normal. For years, this longtime collaborator of Oprah Winfrey infuriates the pharmaceutical industry with promotion of effective and easy recipes that can help better the health of people.

Today we publish the recipe for this drink to help you get rid of the extra weight that bothers you.

Most of you probably know that it is much easier to gain weight than to lose it. Each of us, at some stage of the life, tried various diets, meal plans, exercise, weight loss recipes, etc. Finally, after a while weight was normalized, but for a brief period of time, and then multiplied by two, leaving us with the belief that nothing works. Well, if you think so, then you should definitely try this interesting recipe.

The famous Dr. Oz shares the ingredients of a magic drink made from natural ingredients that you should drink 30 minutes before each meal. This drink will help you burn fat around the clock, especially during sleep.

We have already mentioned that the famous doctor had received threats because it could harm many in the industry that earns millions by offering weight loss pills.

This homemade recipe is very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the instructions. Here’s how you can have wonderful results with a weight loss drink whose recipe Dr. Oz shared on his show a few months ago:

You need the following ingredients:
1 cup grapefruit juice
2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon honey

Simply mix all ingredients and drink this miraculous beverage 30 minutes before each meal. You will be amazed with the results. This amazing drink will help you burn excess fat much faster.

Remember that during the time when you use this drink, it is good to introduce some minor changes in your diet. Avoid sweet desserts, fried foods, soft drinks, white bread and alcohol.

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