She went to the Doctor because she was Suffering from Stomach pain, Here’s what he Found

This 51 years old Indian woman suffered from excruciating stomach pain and acid reflux for many months. After a series of medical tests at the hospital, it was discover that she is suffering from gallstones, a very common condition in many people. Surprisingly, following the surgery, doctors removed 11,950 gallstones from her stomach!

Doctors took away nearly 12,000 gallstones!

Minati Mondal, aged 51 suffered for many months of severe pain in the stomach accompanied with acid reflux. She went to consult a specialist. Following a series of tests, the doctors discovered gallstones that require surgery. Incredibly they took out nearly 12,000 gallstones! This is a world record that left the doctors speechless. The operation lasted over an hour.

A gallstone: what is it?

A gallstone is a small stone that forms inside the gallbladder, a pear-shaped “reservoir” where bile is stored (fluid produced by the liver that promotes assimilation of food). A gallstone is mainly composed of crystallized cholesterol. Their size varies from a small pebble to the size of a stone that can be few inches in diameter. The main danger of these gallstones is that they can move and block the bile ducts.

The size of these stones does not necessarily determine the level (severeness) of the pain. However, when obstructing the bile ducts, they cause severe pain and nausea.

What are the contributing factors for gallstones formation?

  • An excess of cholesterol in the bile
  • A high fat and low fiber diet
  • A lack of physical activity
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Aging: with age the risk of gallstones is increased
  • Diabetes (diabetes-associated hypertriglyceridemia promotes gallstones)

Natural remedies to remove gallstones

There are many natural remedies to remove gallstones. Here is one of them that can be very effective.

Remedy with olive oil and lemon

Many studies on this subject have shown that olive oil and lemon mixture is a very effective to prevent and eliminate gallstones. First, the lemon with its citric acid content will allow the dissolution of stones; on the other hand, the olive oil helps to “lubricate” them to favor their elimination through the urinary system.

Important note:

For this remedy to work, you need also to focus on a healthy diet (limit salt consumption, meat, and dairy products that are high in calcium). It is also advisable to drink at least 6 cups of water daily to prevent and help remove gallstones naturally.

Mix the juice of half a lemon with a tablespoon of olive oil. Drink the mixture three times a day, before each meal (preferably on an empty stomach).

Before taking this home remedy, consult your doctor (some gallstones, particularly those bigger ones may require surgery).



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