Russians are Crazy about this OXY Diet by Patricia Mazurova

OXY diet is protein diet with a very important improvement

Protein based diets are dangerous for the health. This is no longer sensational news since we’ve all learned that Pierre Dukan failed to defend his method in court and was deprived of his medical rights. However, the Russian nutritionist Patricia Mazurova started looking for ways to improve the protein diet, which is not only completely safe for the health, and also help cleanse the body of toxins. What is innovative in the diet of Mazurova? Why Russians went crazy about it?

It is surprising that in the XXI century, when it seems that we know everything about the Man nobody pays attention to such simple factors as motivation and personality. Ultimately, dietetics is interested in these aspects, and they are now the number one topic in all publications related to weight loss.

Based on personal experience and thanks to the modern discoveries in nutrition, the OXY diet author creates such a diet in which the personality factor and motivation play a key role.

What is new in OXY diet?

The healing properties of blueberries have long been known to our ancestors. Our grandmothers used blueberries to treat many diseases, and the scientist have no doubt it: blueberry is essential for our health. But, unfortunately, we underestimate the extraordinary power of these small berries and neglect the fact that they are full of antioxidants. A dietician, Patricia Mazurova, decided to return the blueberries to their rightful place in human nutrition, and include them in the OXY diet.

“Above all, I wanted to create a completely safe and healthy protein diet. Thanks to blueberries, and because these small, useful fruit was included in the diet in the form of shakes and smoothies, I managed to remove the numerous side effects of Pierre Dukan’s diet”- says Patricia Mazurova.

Many women are grateful to OXY diet for losing excess weight. Patricia goes even further and includes a psychological factor in the diet.

Research shows that without adequate support, we quickly lose the desire to do anything. This also applies to weight loss. We, as a general rule, very quickly lose our intrinsic motivation and give up the diet, whatever it is. However, we do not give up the dream of a slimmer body figure. Therefore nutritional gaps on our part can be really great. And fatal. In this regard, the researchers warn that such a radical change in the eating regime, such as “diet-no diet” is not safe for our health.

Psychology and Nutrition

What is OXY diet? What meal plans does it have? Anyone who wants to follow the Patricia Mazurova’s diet must pass a psychology test to determine their personality type. Therefore, it is possible to accurately determine their character and taste. Only on the basis of the test results a personal diet can be compiled. Perhaps all this sounds very complicated, but everything is reduced to a few simple steps.

Of course, many of you will ask what this looks like in practice. It’s very simple. If it turns out that a person belongs to the kind of people who like to innovate and experiment in the kitchen, he will receive a diet that takes this into account. Fans of traditional cuisine, in turn, should not be afraid that they will get a plan that will be too innovative for them. The basic principle is that the diet is adapted to the person and not the other way around.

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