Every Woman Should Know About This Extraordinary Remedy!

Generally, when it comes to personal hygiene to keep vaginal flora healthy, every woman is curious about new tips and advices. But did you know that garlic is a remedy with amazing efficiency to cure yeast infections?

Vaginal discharge: a very common female problem

Many women, at some point in their lives, are affected with a yeast infection problem. This is a mild infection caused by a fungus (Candida albicans) and which can spread to the vulva. This fungus is found naturally in the vagina and “coexists” with thousands of other bacteria that naturally protect flora maintaining some acidity and creating a barrier against infections to stop the proliferation of Candida albicans. If the acidity is too high, Candida fungus can occur.

The most common treatment for a yeast infection is to take an antifungal medicine, but one of the best anti-fungus remedies is in your kitchen is garlic.

What are the health benefits of garlic in general?

This precious condiment is a source of health benefits which is used for millennia in a kitchen, as well as to cure certain ailments. Garlic is a natural antibiotic (antibacterial), which has a range of virtues: it improves blood circulation, regulates cholesterol, prevents diseases and allergies, etc. Moreover, according to a study published in Cancer Prevention Research, consumption of raw garlic twice a week reduces the risk of developing lung cancer by half.

It has antioxidant properties due to its content of vitamin C, B6, B12, K and E. Rich in flavonoids and sulfur, it strengthens the immune system. It is also rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, selenium and iron. It is especially rich in allicin, a powerful antimicrobial agent.

How to apply this natural remedy to eliminate fungi?

With all the virtues listed above, garlic is a natural remedy that fights the fungus and treats vaginal yeast infection. The only downside of this remedy is that it has a bad odor.

At the first signs of fungal infection (itching, burning, etc.), use this garlic remedy.

Preparation and Use

Take the peeled garlic clove and put a piece of sewing thread with inside using a needle (so you can easily remove it from your vagina like a tampon).

Put the clove inside your vagina at night before you go to sleep. Remove it the next morning using the thread.

You can repeat the same steps every day until symptoms disappear. Garlic kills bacteria.

The virtues of garlic have been demonstrated by a number of scientific studies.

Namely, some studies conducted in China have shown that garlic kills bacteria by fighting against the proliferation of microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.

You should know that it loses its antibacterial properties when boiled for 20 minutes at 100 ° C.

Boston researchers have shown that garlic is effective to treat certain ear infections. They even discovered that garlic could combat Streptococcus agalactiae. The group B Streptococcus can cause harm to pregnant women and be transmitted to the baby during the delivery (causing pulmonary and neurologic complications that can be serious in the first hours of life). It is also advisable for pregnant women to get checked before their term because some newborns can carry this bacterium.

To prevent these bacteria, apply the simple trick: place a clove of fresh garlic in the vagina for one to two nights.

Source: healthyandnaturalhouse.com

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