Don’t Eat This If You Don’t Want To Get Sick From Cancer

This food increases by 21% the risk of being trapped in an insidious disease

There is hardly a person that doesn’t shudder at the very mention of the word cancer.

Unfortunately insidious cancer takes more and more lives in this modern society. It ranks among the top diseases causing death. Of course, if caught at an early stage, the chance of cure is quite good. Unfortunately, there are few people who do regular check-ups. The majority of society seems to be justified by the hectic pace of life and lack of time.

It is time we learn that there is nothing more valuable than our health and instead shuddering at the mention of the word cancer to confront this insidious disease and defeat it. As already mentioned it is not impossible if discovered at an early stage.

According to the studies of experts, one of the foods that cause cancer is a favorite of many – hot dog.

After being introduced by German immigrants in America, this food has become a goody number one for society. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, 20 billion hot dogs are sold each year in the US alone.

Now you can see what a large percentage of the population devours hot dogs with pleasure, without even realizing that it could cause all kinds of cancer.

The taste of this food is different in each area as they add different flavors and colors.

Experts are adamant that daily consumption of hot dogs increases by 21 percent the risk of colon cancer. This statement has been proved by the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Hardly all these facts will surprise you, but at the same time maybe you don’t realize how dangerous can be the consumption of hot dog. This does not mean that you should forget about it forever, but the less you eat, the better for your health.



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