This Man Thought that he had Varicose Veins. But in Fact it was a Worm!

When this 42-year-old man returned from a holiday in Nigeria, he had no idea that his foot will be the protagonist of high-profile international stories.

He traveled to the African country to have a good time. And he did! His troubles began when he got home and started to have acute itching on the foot.

A small red rash formed on the foot. It seemed that it was a conventional varicose vein. Of course, he wasn’t in a hurry to go to the doctor: take some time, they say, come back if the problem progresses.

However, soon the man went to the doctor: the itching became unbearable. The “vein” began to grow more and more.

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After having a great trip to Nigeria, the 42-year-old man was happy to return home. But soon he began to notice a strange rash and itching on his right foot.

He went to the doctor, who told him not to worry about it: there is no need to worry about such a “trifle” as varicose veins. Especially that the “veins” are less visible on the left leg.

But it turned out that is not so simple.

Varicose veins is a popular issue. It is manifested mainly in the hands and feet. As a rule, the only significant disadvantage is their awful appearance. And so… It rarely leads to life-threatening medical problems.

Fortunately, the man was not satisfied and decided that he needs a “second opinion” about his problem.

Doctors in the second clinic decided to examine more closely the problem. And they’ve noticed that this “Vein” suddenly began to move around the foot!

When doctors realized their mistake, you can imagine the horror that gripped the patient. It turned out that it is not “Vein”, but a parasite, a worm that causes an infection called cutaneous larva migrans, or “migrating cutaneous larva”.

In general, in the foot of the traveler there was a worm!

These nematodes usually live in the intestines of domestic animals – dogs and cats. Infection usually occurs through their droppings.

People can become infected with this parasite through direct contact with the droppings. This can happen on vacation if you walk barefoot on the beach, where there are animals.

The best way to avoid exposure to this worm: Always wear shoes or slippers for the walks on the beach.

Typically, this disease occurs in tropical countries, but it can also happen in any climate!

But do not let this threat to scare you and make you refrain from the habit each summer to enjoy the sun! Just watch your step when you walk in the park or on the beach!

Fortunately, the man who had this terrible incident feels great. He was prescribed an anti-parasitic drug, and now he’s all right!

What does this story have to teach us? If there is something strange with your body, see a doctor. Trust your instincts – this is important, but nobody from the medical field will tell you this!

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