The 5 Kidney Damage Symptoms You Are Most Likely to Ignore

The kidneys filter the blood of our body and eliminate the waste and toxins accumulated during the day. Therefore, it is important to take care of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Here are the symptoms that may indicate kidney disease.

What is the role of the kidneys in the body?

Kidneys have more than one task in the human body:

  1. Filter

The primary role of the kidneys is to remove waste and toxins from the blood, the accumulation of which can promote the onset of disease and promote weight gain.

  1. Maintain the balance of minerals in the body

The kidneys must ensure a balance of minerals in the body, particularly the potassium and sodium, to avoid complications.

  1. Produce hormones, enzymes and vitamins

The kidneys produce:

  • Calcitriol, a form of vitamin D which helps absorption of calcium and its fixation on the bone.
  • Erythropoietin, a hormone that stimulates red blood cell production.
  • Renin, a hormone that helps regulates blood pressure.
  1. Hydrate the body

The kidneys help maintain fluid balance in the body to avoid dehydration. When the person does not consume enough water, the kidneys ensure keeping the body hydrated. Besides, they filter 190 liters of blood and discharge between 1.5 and 2 liters of liquid waste (urine).

What are the factors that can affect the kidneys?

  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Family history
  • Excessive medication
  • Bad eating habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.)
  • An abnormality in the urinary tract (kidney stones, urinary tract infection, etc.)

The 5 symptoms of kidney disease you ignore

  1. Fatigue

People suffering from kidney failure produce erythropoietin in small quantities. This hormone is responsible for the production of red blood cells that help carry oxygen in the blood. Therefore, when oxygen reaches body parts like the brain or muscles in small amounts, it causes fatigue.

  1. Dehydration and itching

When kidney function is impaired, the toxins and wastes accumulate in the blood. These dry the skin and can cause itching. If these symptoms occur, it may indicate kidney failure.

  1. Low back pain

This is one of the symptoms that may indicate a disorder of the kidneys. At first, the pain can occur on one side before spreading and touching the second. This could mean that your kidney does not function normally and indicate one of the following disorders:

  • High urinary tract infection
  • Stones present in the urinary tract.
  1. Change in urine

The frequency of urination or the color of your urine can speak volumes about the state of your kidneys. If the urine has a marked change in color, odor or density, this may indicate the following:

  • brown urine: a lack of moisture, it is necessary to rehydrate quickly.
  • red or pink urine: unless you have eaten the red berries or beets, it may indicate the presence of blood in urine. Consult your doctor immediately.
  • orange urine: this may be due to certain food colors or may reveal a liver and biliary problems.
  1. Swelling

People suffering from kidney failure can have a face, legs, or feet swollen. In fact, kidneys are struggling to get rid of excess fluid and it builds up in different parts of body and cause swelling.

To protect your kidneys, it is important to adopt a healthy diet and practice regular physical activity. In addition, it is also advisable to drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters per day to eliminate waste from your body.


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