Learn these 6 New, Awesome Uses of Garlic

Garlic is prized for its many medicinal properties. Indeed, this condiment can help you solve many everyday problems. Now let’s discover six new uses of garlic.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of garlic help cure many health problems such as colds, infections, kidney disease, etc. Specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine also recommend regular consumption of garlic and many Chinese suck a clove of garlic every morning for 30 minutes. Here are the benefits of everyday use of garlic:

  • Cleans the blood vessels
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Stimulates the kidneys
  • Prevents urinary tract infections
  • Protects against infection
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Regulates the appetite

In addition to its health benefits when consumed, garlic has other very useful applications in everyday life.

6 amazing uses of garlic

1 – Against pimples

Application of garlic to get rid of pimples is an old grandmother remedy and is very effective. Garlic has antibacterial properties that reduce excess sebum to minimize their appearance. In addition, this condiment helps prevent infection and speeds up the healing. To do this, apply the garlic juice on the pimples in the evening before bedtime. However, garlic is not recommended for sensitive skin. Do a test, if you notice any discomfort, rinse immediately.

2 – Against fungal infections

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic make it very effective in treating fungal infections of the skin or fungi on toenails. For this, you just add in a bowl of warm water, 10 cloves of garlic and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Soak your feet and leave for 30 minutes. Apply this treatment every night until the infection disappears. Otherwise, you can mix the crushed garlic with olive oil, apply it on the affected area and cover with a piece of cotton.

3 – Against toothache

Toothache is mainly due to poor oral hygiene. The antibiotics and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic can provide relief from toothache. Mix a crushed clove of garlic with a little salt and apply to the infected tooth. Repeat this procedure regularly. Alternatively you can chew one or two cloves of garlic for immediate relief.

4 – Removes the thorns

Crush a clove of garlic and apply it on the infected area. Cover with a bandage. Leave on for at least an hour. The antibacterial properties of garlic will clean the wound, promoting cell regeneration that will help easily remove the torn.

5 – Strengthens the nails

Garlic is rich in minerals that help strengthen the nails; it prevents them from being damaged but also prevents the development of fungi. Add few crushed garlic cloves in a glass of warm water. Let it stand for few minutes and soak your nails for 20 minutes. Do this twice a week. However, the smell will remain impregnated, so it is advisable to do this treatment during the weekend.

6 – Fights against common cold, influenza and strengthens the immune system

Regular consumption of garlic is very beneficial for the health. Its richness in nutrients and vitamins helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent infections and diseases such as flu or colds. In addition, a recent US study showed that eating raw garlic twice a week halved the risk of lung cancer. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, this condiment contain antioxidants such as quercetin, or organo-sulfur compounds such as allicin, which inhibit the growth of tumor cells in the bladder, stomach and colon . So feel free to add garlic to your daily meals.

Source: fhfn.org

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