Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby On The Lips!

Obviously we would do anything to protect our baby. But sometimes we find ourselves “overprotective” from people who seem to have forgotten the times when their children were still babies. Anyway, do not let anyone near your baby, who it still fragile, to kiss it on the lips. Let’s see why!

You have probably been in one of those unpleasant situations when you received impromptu visits from friends who bring their children with colds or when you took your child for a walk in the park and it begins to play with some feverish child. In this kind of cases that can make you paranoid, you have only one desire: to protect your little one asking the parents to stay home and not to take their sick children out.

Some will think you are exaggerating and will not hesitate to let you know, but do not listen to them and stay on your position: a sick person should not approach babes and children.

Claire Henderson, a young British mum had a painful experience with her baby daughter Brooke. One of the relatives of Mrs. Henderson kissed her baby on the mouth, and sometime after, a herpes virus grew on her lips, cheeks and chin. Little Brooke had to spend five days in the hospital to treat the herpes, which fortunately survived.

But unfortunately this was not the case of Eloise Lampton who died after being hit by the same virus (herpes), a few days after birth.

The herpes virus can be fatal in infants under 3 months.

Never kiss a baby on the lips!

During the first 6 weeks, babies are not immune against most viruses that adults can carry or transmit. To have a sore throat and a runny nose may be normal for you, but for a baby, especially a newborn, this could be a matter of life or death!

If you get sick, avoid being too close to a baby, caring it or embracing it. Every the baby has the right to live in good health, so try to visit the family of a newborn at least 6 weeks after delivery to prevent contagion.

In addition, parents who wrap their children in cotton cover are not paranoid and overprotective; they are just taking the right actions to protect the health of their baby. We must not take it wrong or feel guilty for it.

If you are a parent of a newborn, remember that it is your job to protect your baby and not to let sick people and children approach it or kiss it, especially on the mouth. Tell your relatives and acquaintances politely but firmly that they are welcome 6 weeks after the birth of your little one, to avoid any risk of contagion which could be fatal for it.

Source: healthylivinghouse.com


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