This Mixture of Just 2 Ingredients will Remove all Whiteheads on your Face

Milia are small white bumps resulting from trapped sebum, retained in the pockets under the skin’s surface. Here are three effective methods that will help you remove them at home.

Corn starch is a natural product that can help you deal with whiteheads because it absorbs the excess oil on the skin.

Mix cornstarch with a little apple cider vinegar until you get a thick paste. Apply it on the affected area and let it stand for about 25 minutes. Then rinse with water.

Tea tree oil is also very effective product that could help remove milia on your face. It acts as a natural disinfectant and has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties that clean the skin of any infections. Simply apply tea tree oil on the places covered with white dots before going to sleep. Leave it to act overnight and rinse in the morning.

Apply hot towel on your face. Steam is an effective method to get rid of milia as it promotes circulation. The heat will help unclog the pores and remove dead skin cells. Just soak a cotton cloth in hot water, squeeze the excess water and press it gently on your face for a few minutes.


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