Detox Drink to Lose Belly Fat in no Time!

Are you sick and tired of the belly fat that overflows from your clothes? This detox drink recipe with ginger and lemon will help you significantly reduce the waistline. Here is the recipe for a drink with miraculous virtues!

Losing belly fat: a challenge!

Losing belly fat can be very difficult for many of us. Being overweight can sometimes be very obsessive to the point of ruining your day and keep you from dressing as you like (fat overflowing clothes, etc.).

This accumulation of abdominal fat is mainly due to poor food habits doubled with a lack of sporting activity.

A drink made of lemon and ginger to help you get rid of belly fat


  • Fresh ginger (5 ounces)
  • 4 organic lemons


Cut the ginger and lemons into small pieces and put them in an extractor (or blender). Then pour the mixture into a pitcher and dilute with water.

You can cut a few slices of lemon to put more into the pitcher and also add a few ice cubes.

You should drink this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach, to speed up the metabolism and accelerate the fat burning process. You can also drink it three times a day if you like, before each meal.

Another detox recipe: ginger tea and lemon

Boil some pieces of fresh ginger. Simmer for 20 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and add few slices of lemon. Pour into a cup and enjoy. You can also add a little honey to improve the taste of the mixture.

Virtues of ginger and lemon

Ginger is a root with many health virtues that needs no introduction. It has slimming properties that facilitate the loss of excess weight. Why? Because it improves the digestion and speeds up the metabolism, making it a very effective fat burning food (it s thermogenic action increases body temperature). Furthermore, it reinforces the feeling of satiety, which prevents cravings.

Lemon is an undisputed detox champion. Lemon is an antioxidant par excellence, which effectively participates in the elimination of waste from the body. Its detox effect will reduce water retention in the body and reduce swelling in the abdominal region.

The combination of these two powerful ingredients in this recipe explains the effectiveness of this drink. They will help you lose belly fat and lose those extra pounds fast. Of course, to have good results, you must combine the use of this recipe with a healthy balanced diet (emphasizing fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, etc.), while practicing regular physical activity.

Contraindications of the ginger:

Ginger is not recommended for people who are undergoing surgery or those suffering from blood disease because it has anticoagulant properties. It is also not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. In general, it is desirable to seek the advice of your doctor to avoid any interaction with certain medications.



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