Why the Stomach Hurts: 7 Reasons for Immediate Response!

To date, the most common complaint of patients is pain in the abdomen. Its causes may be an ordinary indigestion or severe disease.

To find out the true cause of the pain, you need to thoroughly understand what preceded its emergence. And also to determine the location, the type of pain and associated symptoms.
Our editorial staff is ready to share with you useful information about how to determine the cause of abdominal pain!

Why strong stomach ache

Pain in the uppermost part of the stomach
The pain is sharp, dull, aching, or bursting, and concomitant symptom is nausea. Presumably the cause may be gastritis or gastric ulcer.

Pain in the right upper quadrant
If the acute pain is accompanied by burden, nausea, and goes to the right shoulder, the cause may be biliary colic. In that case, if the pain is sharp and is accompanied by loss of appetite, it may be indicative of an exacerbation of hepatitis C.

Pain in the lower abdomen on the right
If the pain is felt in the rectum and amplified when walking, it is likely to be appendicitis. Co-factors may be fever and nausea.

Pain in the left upper quadrant

Girdle pain in the left upper quadrant often indicates pancreatitis. It appears after consuming spicy, fatty foods and alcohol. In this case also there is a bad taste and dry mouth.

Abdominal pain in the middle on one side
Sudden and severe pain, accompanied by frequent urination, appearing after consuming diuretics products may indicate kidney colic.

Pain above the navel
It may be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. Sometimes it is the result of a viral infection.

Pain in the lower abdomen
This pain may indicate diseases of the genitourinary system. Often it is accompanied by discharge from the genitals and fever. In women, this pain is likely a sign of internal genital diseases.

This article is a warning about what causes can hide behind the usual pain in the abdomen. Before making a final conclusion, you should consult with your doctor!

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Source: healthline.com


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