Dry Skin Brushing Helps Detoxify the Skin and Reduces Cellulite…Here’s How to Do It Correctly! / VIDEO /

To eliminate waste and harmful toxins, the lymphatic system plays a vital role. And to significantly reduce cellulite, did you know that dry brushing is a very effective way?

Cellulite and lymphatic drainage

Orange skin, heaviness in the legs, and fluid retention are all factors causing cellulite, which is the result of an accumulation of subcutaneous fat deposits. This can be reduced through lymphatic drainage. Really, the lymphatic system is composed of a yellowish fluid called lymph, which circulates throughout the body and is responsible for removing bacteria and other waste in the body. The lymphatic system is also composed of lymph nodes, which act as filter stations of the lymph, trapping bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances and eliminate them from the body.

Lack of physical activity promotes cellulite

The lymphatic system functions can be easily altered due to a lack of sporting activity or prolonged sitting. These factors reduce the efficiency of lymphatic system, but also promote an accumulation of toxins in the body.

To better the efficiency of the lymphatic system, there are several ways including physical activity, which is by far the best solution. But if your schedule does not allow you to follow a sports exercise routine regularly, dry brushing remains an excellent option to boost the system. The positive side is that this method is economical, highly effective to eliminates cellulite and it takes very little time.

Dry brushing

The skin is the most extensive organ, naturally involved in the detoxification process of the organism. It may seem surprising, but about 30% of the body’s toxins are eliminated through the pores of the skin.

Therefore, the dry brushing will unclog the pores to help eliminate trapped toxins.

Dry brushing: manual 

First, you must purchase a brush with natural silk in order not to irritate the skin. Make sure the handle is long because it will be easier to use it on the back.

Then once in your bathroom, remove all your clothes and start by performing a brushing of your feet. It is important to make these moves progressively from the bottom up to the heart. With the brush, focus on the areas marked by cellulite. Be careful when you massage the most sensitive areas such as the breasts, hence the importance of brushing with a brush made of natural silk and avoiding dry brushes.

Once you have massaged your entire body, take a shower. Then you can complete this task by applying coconut oil to the skin, since it is very effective in reducing the appearance of skin cellulite.

For optimal results and to speed up the disappearance of cellulite and orange peel, do dry massage twice a day (in the morning and in the evening).

What are the health benefits of dry brushing?

  • It stimulates the lymphatic system (improves the flow of lymph through the body)
  • It exfoliates the skin (removes dead cells)
  • It improves blood flow (better irrigation of blood vessels)
  • It reduces cellulite (helps reduce subcutaneous fat deposits)
  • It reduces stress (this method of massage reduces muscular tension and, therefore, promotes the feeling of relaxation)
  • It improves the digestive and kidney function (prevents bloating)

Source: healthyfoodteam.com

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