7 Tips for Natural Breast Enlargement!

Breasts are symbol of femininity. In some women, they are a means of seduction, among other things; the breasts can be a matter of complex, especially when they are too small! Here’s how to enlarge your breasts naturally.

Why do some women have small breasts?

  • Lack of estrogen (female sex hormone)
  • A diet low in natural estrogen (derived from certain plants)
  • Genetics
  • The weight (if you are very thin and your body does not have a good amount of fat, it is obvious that you can’t have large breasts, because the breasts are mostly made up of fat)

Some women have surgery for large breasts, while others prefer to use more simple and healthy natural methods. Discover 7 Methods for breast enlargement!

  1. Herbs

Some plants are effective in stimulating breast growth. They help to address the lack of estrogen by providing phytoestrogens that, in turn, stimulate breast growth.

The best plants, rich in phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) that help in natural breast enlargement are fenugreek, red clover and dandelion. Indeed, fenugreek stimulates the secretion of prolactin (a hormone with mammotrope property promoting breast growth) and has estrogenic effects, thereby enlarges the breasts.

Another effective herb for promoting breast growth is red clover. Rich in many types of phytoestrogens, it not only helps to stimulate breast growth, but also helps prevent health problems in women by regulating the level of estrogen.

As for the dandelion, it also has estrogenic properties capable to enlarge the breasts naturally.



Pregnant women should avoid consumption of fenugreek because it can cause uterine contractions and miscarriage.

Red clover

Consult your doctor or a health professional before consuming red clover, because when certain drugs are taken, it can inhibit the ability of the liver enzymes to break down the drugs. They then become ineffective. In addition, this plant can increase bleeding, so avoid its use if you are taking anticoagulants.


Before consuming dandelion, people suffering from gallstones should consult their doctor.

Regarding the dosage, depending on the form (capsule, dried or fresh leaves), it is best to seek the advice of a herbalist or health care professional.

  1. Fennel tea

Fennel is a plant that is full of phytoestrogens and stimulates the secretion of estrogen, which increases natural breast growth. So use fennel seeds for tea, consume 2 cups per day in order to enlarge the breasts!


Some people suffer from allergies to plants belonging to the Apiaceae family and should not consume fennel, celery, coriander, etc.

  1. Natural estrogen

Foods rich in natural estrogen and phyto-nutrients help to grow bigger breasts. Choose a diet consisting mainly of potatoes, beets, walnuts, pistachios, garlic, prunes and pomegranate.

  1. Amino acids

Amino acids are beneficial for the overall health. Some may promote breast growth. They actually have properties similar to those of human growth hormone, essential for breast enlargement.

  1. Breast massage

To massage your breasts, use oil and make between 100 and 300 circular motions around each breast every day. You must be extremely patient and consistent if you want to enlarge your breasts through this method.

  1. Find the right size bra

To have good posture and firm breasts, it is important to wear the right size bra that fits you perfectly!

  1. Get active

Try to do sports because it rejuvenates the body and mind and helps reduce stress. Some exercises help breast enlargement and toning the chest muscles and the entire body as the arcuate movements, alternating movements with dumbbells and movement of the butterfly. Remember that meditation and yoga are excellent choices because they rejuvenate the body and ensure the maintenance of good posture.

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