7 Reasons Why You Might Want To Leave Your Pubic Hair Alone!

As soon as we reached the age of puberty, the body begins to change and transform. In women, these changes begin with the appearance of hair on the pubis, and breast growth, the first period and so on. While we all go through the same process, each of us is different: some have a more hair than others, and we are not all satisfied with the results!

When it comes to pubic hair, we all believe that less hair is better! From an aesthetic point of view but also hygienic, we try to get rid of the pubic hair by any means.

By reading this article, you will think twice before touching your pubic hair. You already know or maybe not, that removing the pubic hair, whether with razor or by waxing, is the worst punishment you can inflict on your private parts. Why?

  1. If you are overweight, waxing can cause serious complications!

According to recent studies, 80% of women have had at least once in their lifetime complications due to the removal of pubic hair. One study examined 333 women aged between 16 and 40 years and the results were not in favor of waxing. They found that overweight women were two times more at risk of complications after waxing or shaving their pubic area, with a risk three times greater if they were removing all pubic hair.

  1. A complete shaving can cause viral infections

In the LA Times newspaper it was published that two French dermatologists and a global health researcher from Emory University (USA) have stated that the current trend of removing pubic hair could be the main cause of increased contamination rate with the virus molluscum contagiosum during the last decade. Sexually transmitted, infection with this virus results in an overgrowth of skin that forms a group of several colored beads or white flesh, measuring 2 to 5 mm in diameter.

  1. If you have an autoimmune disease, your risk of getting sick increases!

Removing the pubic hair can represent a serious threat to some people. According to Oxford Journals, people with autoimmune diseases are more likely to catch an infection after waxing of this sensitive area. Besides, this was the case for a young Australian woman who had not treated properly her type I diabetes and that had been contaminated by Streptococcus pyogenes (bacteria) (or group A streptococci) and the virus Herpes Simplex, after complications occurred following a Brazilian waxing.

  1. Science says: do not remove your pubic hair if you don’t want to catch STIs!

Having a sexual intercourse just after removing the pubic hair increases the risk of developing an infection, whether you are male or female. The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery recommends waiting at least a day after you’re the shaving or hair removal session, to have sex.

  1. Remember the risk of burns!

If you opt for hair removal, you’ve probably noticed how the wax can be hot. Waxing is painful enough itself, so the burn falls under torture. Pay attention to the temperature of the wax, which must be bearable to avoid complications, knowing that it would be best to completely abandon this complicated and painful practice.

  1. It can tear your skin, this is not a myth!

It is an accident that nobody is immune. However, the risk is increased in persons with eczema or psoriasis, or who have sensitive skin. If you are under treatment with anticoagulants, you really need to look for another alternative; otherwise you will absolutely tear your skin. Unfortunately, even if you’re not into any of the categories mentioned above, the risk is always present. Why to expose yourself unnecessarily to danger?

  1. Shaving causes itching!

Everyone knows this, but in case you have forgotten, we’ll refresh your memory! Shaving can cause a burning sensation and itching that become very annoying especially when the hair starts to grow back within one to two days after the shaving. It is not only a question of dry shaving, as even a shaving with warm water and with generous amounts of foam or lotion, it irritates your skin and causes itching.

Pubic hairs grow for a reason: they prevent dirt and dust from entering the vagina. Besides, they play an important role in sexual attraction because their function is to retain the pheromones. In addition, the natural look is making a great comeback!

Source: healthtipsportal.com

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